by migs 10 Apr 2010

it last nite & had to phone a friend for help to get rid of it (I'm not computer savvy). After much to do & restoring back a week we got it off screen. So pls take note.........No one wants it! I didn't even hv time to sign off in cute; it was one of the sites for freebies where it popped up.



by katydid 11 Apr 2010

thank you!!

by jules40 11 Apr 2010

thanks for warning

by gayle950 10 Apr 2010

Thanks for the warning

by pennifold 10 Apr 2010

Thanks for the warning ""Migs"- we bought a new computer last week and have put the Number 1 Security Trend on ours. Lots of other safety things too. (I note it pops up here on this page next to your post!!!!) I love that, I notice this a lot when posting something a similar image will appear next to the question.

It's a sorry affair that people out there are always looking for ways to destroy this medium.

Love and blessings Chris

by asterixsew Moderator 10 Apr 2010


by gerryvb 10 Apr 2010

thank you!

by judybell 10 Apr 2010

Thanks for the warning. Judy

by shazells 10 Apr 2010

Too late for me I had to do a total rebuild

by michele921 10 Apr 2010

when this happens do not try to close it instead open your task manager and close it from there. then run malware and virus programs to delete any thing that might have DL, ask me how I know, have been hit by this a few times on a lot of different sites, I know the sites did not do it. they are just like us surprised to see it pop up and once they know they get their people right on it.

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carolvm by carolvm 10 Apr 2010

Hi, thank you for the task manager hint. I hope I don't need it. You are right websites owners probably don't even know that some awful person put a trojan horse or other malware on their site. Thanks again, Carol

by carolvm 10 Apr 2010

Hi, That happened to me at french website that a lot of cuties visit. I was not able to close the security tool screen with the X in the corner.I also had to restore to a previous date.It's been about a month since that happened and I have avoided that website and no bad things have happened.So far so good. Be careful, Carol

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migs by migs 13 Apr 2010

wise, I also will avoid the site now.

by moyed 10 Apr 2010

Yep, I had to get the computer tech to take my work computer and have it all reformated. There are a lot of pop ups that contain bugs trojans etc on the websites we visit. <br />Helen