by jasanne 31 Mar 2010

very difficult or expensive to make. Mostly the gifts will be for babies, but we have an adult male baptism coming up too.


by vickiannette 12 Dec 2010

I too was thinking Bookmark. Maybe it could be a biblical embroidery on some felt. It would go well with a small Hymn book or Prayer book with a white cover.

by gerryb 12 Dec 2010

I made each of my grand daughters hankies with their name & the date on it. Of course, you probably won't go that far..but it's nice to have to carry in your wedding! For our men in the family, I created a wedding hanky. My father passed away before either of our sons were married. I took one of HIS hankies & put the name & dates of Dad's birth & death and added the boys' wedding dates as they got married. So a man's hanky for a little boy will also work. Easy to store and can be passed on.

by stitchinkate 12 Dec 2010

Free standing lace cross with a ribbon attached to use as a bible bookmark.

by elizabethak 12 Dec 2010

Thank you for taking an interest in my posts. I nade a white "stole" 60 inches (fabrice width) by about 8 - embroidered baby's name, some Christian symbol and date of baptism.

Can be draped over child as "white" garment?

by pennifold 31 Mar 2010

Hi Liane, what about a lovely hankie with a symbol of a cross, baptism shell (like the Shell logo) or some other christian symbol.

You could do bookmarks with christian symbols for older people as they can utilise them in their bibles etc.

I am sure there are many other things that we can think up. Just wait and see what the other "Cuties" come up with.

Good luck. Love and blessings Chris

Hope you and your family have a blessed Easter.

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jasanne by jasanne 31 Mar 2010

Smiles.. I knew I could count on you for some great ideas :) The only thing I had come up with was a bib, I've made one with the Welcome Little One design but I used toweling and it just doesn't look the part.
(I was trying to answer earlier and my computer went splat, it's taken me three hours to get back up and running. You can bet I've just done full backups!!!!)