by nouveau 26 Mar 2010

So many cute bunnies this time of year. Has anyone seen one that could pass for an Alice in Wonderland bunny or hare?


by whtsands 07 Sep 2010

Go to they have several Alice in Wonderland type designs. You will find Alice, the
Queen of Hearts, Mad Hatter and the Rabbit. Not free but very cute.

by sewmom 26 Mar 2010

You can try these.

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nouveau by nouveau 26 Mar 2010

Thanks Sewmom! You are always so helpful and amazing! Cheers to you!

by sewmom 26 Mar 2010

If you go to the free section of The Quiltery there is a White Rabbit pillow. Registration is required. In the download are instructions for an applique but there is no embroidery design. There are pattern pieces to make your own applique. It is the Real White Rabbit.