by test 09 Mar 2010

Apologize for this inconvenience and hope for your understanding and patience. If you find any mistakes, please contact me.

I would really appreciate your help.


by lbrow 22 Mar 2010

Thanks Ms Veronika for improvements for us, & letting us know

by test 22 Mar 2010

Dear Cuties!!! I am working to resolve all issues as quickly as possible. Apologize for this inconvenience, also for untimely responses to your emailing message.
Thank you

by castelyn 22 Mar 2010

Hi Veronika,
There seems to be a problem , when trying to down load designs from "designs by cuties"
I have just given you a direct link to 1 of my designs that can't be down loaded any longer - A blank page comes up when you try to down load.And there are others as well ????
Thanking you

by shirlener88 15 Mar 2010

Oh Veronika, I haven't been around - I hope it went smooth - as for me - I didn't notice any problems - Hehehe! You are always doing something to make improvements and we sure do appreciate it. HUGS!

1 comment
test by test 15 Mar 2010

Thank you Shirlene. Im still working on this issue:) Hope your husband is much better. My prayer for you
Love, Veronika

by castelyn 15 Mar 2010

Hi there,

Thought I would let you know a small problem.

When I go into Personal - My post shows 3 pages and next.

When I click onto the botton for page 2 or 3 it goes back to all postings(page 2 or 3) not only mine

Good luck with the moving, hope all goes well

Hugs Yvonne

1 comment
test by test 15 Mar 2010

Thank you for informing.

by rmj8939 11 Mar 2010

Thank you for letting us know. This is the best site and am glad I belong to it.

by stitchship 11 Mar 2010

Thanks so much for telling us, and for having such a wonderful site!

by twee 11 Mar 2010

Thanks, love the site!

by harmzen 10 Mar 2010

tks for update, do hope that everyting runs smoothly for you. Enjoy the site and appreciate that you are doing this to provide better service for us.Elize

by tanuja 10 Mar 2010

Thks for the update.

by twee 10 Mar 2010

hope all runs smoothly.

by test 10 Mar 2010

Thank you to all Cuties for understanding and Welcome to today, as always...Adorable Applique Day! :o)

by moyed 09 Mar 2010

Thank you for the information. We will be patient

by manami 09 Mar 2010

Dear Ms Veronika, I wish everything goes smoothly! I tried to move to a new server 2 months ago and it was a disaster, people couldnt download, had to go back to the old server. I really want to cry, such a waste of money, could be buying 3 years of Cute membership :(
Love and my best wishes,

1 comment
test by test 10 Mar 2010

how I understand you dear Yoriko :o)

by quiltgrama 09 Mar 2010

Will do thanks for everything. Hugs Lisa

by pennifold 09 Mar 2010

Congrautlations and thank you so much for letting us know Veronika.

We had a new server put in at work a few weeks ago and it went smoothly. Just a few little hiccups, but nothing that couldn't be worked out.

Thank you also for such a wonderful site and all the beautiful designs you create.

Love and blessings Chris

by nonna57 09 Mar 2010

Thankyou for all you do for us . Very much appreciated :)

by gramsbear 09 Mar 2010

Thanx for the heads Up for us! Hope all goes great! We can definately be patient, as much as you give to us, we can give back!!!

by marietta 09 Mar 2010

Thank you so much for letting us know, Miss Veronika. I hope it all goes well for you. I am sure all of us will be as patient as I know we can all be.
Big hugs, God bless you.

by annatjievdw 09 Mar 2010

Veronica thanks for the update. Had no problems so far. Also a very big thankyou for all the wonderful designs you create for us and also for the best site on the net. A lovely big family over the whole world. Annatjie

by chenille 09 Mar 2010

Thanks for letting us know.I'm sure all will go well. Thank you for all the lovely patterns and a very special site!!
Love, Nadyne

by jrob Moderator 09 Mar 2010

Thanks for the heads up Miss V and I hope it goes so smoothly that you think surely something MUST be wrong, but it's not!

1 comment
test by test 10 Mar 2010

Thank you Jerrilyn, a small cup of coffee would be very useful now... for smooth moving:o)

by camylow 09 Mar 2010

Thanks for the update...Have a wonderful week and thank you for the lovely new designs deanna

by persiancatlover 09 Mar 2010

thank you for letting us know,and thank you for all the beautifull designs ,good luck with moving,gr connie

by mooie24 09 Mar 2010

Wishing a smooth move :-)
big hugs from London
Mooie xxx

by jacquipaul 09 Mar 2010

Thank you, Veronika, for letting us know and for all of the wonderful designs.

by iris2006 09 Mar 2010

Thanks Miss Veronika for letting us know, I have had no problems downloading. Lots of succes with the new server. Carla

by dlmds 09 Mar 2010

Thanks Veronika for letting us know what you are doing. I have not had any problems downloading so far. H&*

by meganne 09 Mar 2010

Congratulations on your new server, Miss Veronika. Hopefully it will solve some of the old problems for you and give you many years of great service.
Hugs and roses, Meganne

by sewmom 09 Mar 2010

Thank you for giving us the update. I hope your new server works well.

by jjjj 09 Mar 2010

Thanks for the info hope all is sucessful. Thats a very exercise to undertake.

by sissibrode 09 Mar 2010

Thanks Veronika *

by haydebug 09 Mar 2010

Thank Veronika! We understand!

by gerryvb 09 Mar 2010

thank you for letting us know, and for all you do for us!

by suzettebritz 09 Mar 2010

Thanks Veronika, I thought it were problems on my side, because I can still not access sister sites?

by nanniesara 09 Mar 2010

Thanks for the info thought I was crazy. And many thanks for all you do to help us. Bless you! Sara

by lenamae 09 Mar 2010

thanks for up date

by castelyn 09 Mar 2010

Thanks for the up-date Veronika - hugs Yvonne

by dkjack 09 Mar 2010

Thanks for the heads up. :)