digitizer: gramsbear 03 Mar 2010

As requested. This snowflake has an initial in the center. You can choose to emb it or leave it off, change colors to your preference. It should sew out great, I did mine on felt material, and they did wonderful, then pinked the edges. Hope you like it. This snowflake is made from 4-D Software Extra

Design #: 4317111
Size (in): 3.86"(w)x3.82"(h)   (mm): 98mm(w)x97mm(h)
Stitches: 8902 Colors: 2 Print Color Chart
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Select Format:   exp hus jef pes

Original artwork: 4-D Embroidery Software Extra
Copyright: These design are protected by International & US Copyright Laws. The Design Files are licensed, not sold, to you. You have a nonexclusive, nontransferable, limited license to use the Design Files. THIS LICENSE IS LIMITED TO YOUR OWN PERSONAL, INTERNAL USE ONLY: gifts and individual items for resale at craft markets, and bazaars. Unauthorised reproduction or distribution of these designs or any portion of them, by email or any other means, is strictly prohibited. The digitised files and/or artwork cannot be sold, given away, shared or transferred in any way.

by jlk0505 11 Dec 2010

I would like Lani in a snowflake, 4x4 pes format. Thank you. Can't find this spelling.

by foxcglass 10 Dec 2010

Just discovered this section of cuteembroidery - how do we go about requesting names done as the snowflake? Is there a way to get the basic and change the words ourselves?? (shows that I am a newbie doesn't it??) I would like to have the following names as snowflakes: Preston, Parker, Victoria, Theresa, Jim, John, Foxman, Foxy, Richard, Connie, Arlene, LuLu, FloraBelle, Ginne and Angel. Any help would be muchly appreciated.

gramsbear by gramsbear 10 Dec 2010

If you want me to do name snowflakes for you, please PM me with a list of names, your format, and your email and I will do the best I can for you. There is no "basic" each name must be made individually. Place the PM to gramsbear. Hugs, Judy

foxcglass by foxcglass 12 Dec 2010

I put a message in the "private" column of "community" - not sure this was what you meant by PM - but hope so. If not, please enlighten me - I get lost so easily. I appreciate your patience and help more than I can express.

by tippi 12 Mar 2010

Thank you

by herleentje 12 Mar 2010

so very nice
may i ask you for the names
these are my grandchilderen
and i think they love it
when it;s on their shirts

thank you very much

kind regards

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gramsbear by gramsbear 12 Mar 2010

I have added them to the list. Judy

by maggieciere 12 Mar 2010

Could you possibly Do a few name for me as well.

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gramsbear by gramsbear 12 Mar 2010

I have added them to the list. Judy

by ninalei 12 Mar 2010

Would you consider doing some names for me? I will watch for them. Thank you....

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gramsbear by gramsbear 12 Mar 2010

I have added them to the list. Judy

by ejtads 10 Mar 2010

Thank you

by arisann 10 Mar 2010

I love all your Snowflake names you have made. So much work and Thank you for blessing us by sharing.

by jacquipaul 08 Mar 2010

Thank you for the Sharon snowflake. It is very pretty!