by dkjack 26 Feb 2010

someone can translate for me so I can answer them. Thanks


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by mops Moderator 27 Feb 2010

Her original post was Nov 26th, the next day in a comment I advised her to download a different format as only the pes file gave the wrong letter, and reformat in her software or in one of the free programmes. She did not react to that, so I don't know if she did or if she posted the other 2 comments before or after my comment.
It's only the pes file that gives a J, I just checked again and noticed the link to the updated pes-file did not work for me.

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dkjack by dkjack 27 Feb 2010

Thanks mops

by mpo14011 27 Feb 2010

OK, what she is saying is that it downloads as J and not L. I translated with Babel, too and it translates fine.
I don't know about the other formats, but pes downloads as J.

dkjack by dkjack 27 Feb 2010

Thanks, I tried all the languages because I didn't know which language it was but none translated. Thanks

mops by mops 28 Feb 2010

It was in Dutch.

by psssst 26 Feb 2010

When I did a LIVE translate this is what I got

Original anser:

I tried several times of pet Alphabet to deal with the letter l, so far I have not been successful.
Don't ask me the links that you refer to Cuties2822504 and now back to Baby010407, and in this respect, the letter y.
What I would like to download the letter l

Second post:

No, this link shows returns the letter j (John), and not the letter L"

mops by mops 27 Feb 2010

I'm sorry to say, this translation is a bit funny. What she wrote should read as follows:
I have tried several to get the letter L, but so far I did not succeed. The links you offer point to ... and now ... and those concern the letter J. What I'd like to download is the letter L.

I pointed out to her in a comment that only the pes gives a J, all the others the L and advised her to download a different format and reformat in her or in free software or send dkjack a PM.

mops by mops 27 Feb 2010

sorry, several = several times

by dkjack 26 Feb 2010

"heeren" has asked a question in two places. Any help would be appreciated. :)