by msfancyvip 25 Feb 2010

Help! Earlier today someone posted a website: http://turquoise210broderiemachin.... AlphaD alphabet let me download the W & X, but the others don't seem to work. Any advise-Thanks


by jacquipaul 25 Feb 2010

Her site has been slower since she added the music and ads.

by sewmom 25 Feb 2010

I got the elephants but then my computer froze and I had to restart. I think it might have to do with new advertising pop ups but I don't know for sure.

by gramsbear 25 Feb 2010

Yesterday and today both when I tried o D/L from there, I got a virus warning. so I stopped D/L and clicked off! It was running very slow, this was about 30 min ago. Judy...

by iris2006 25 Feb 2010

I just downloaded the elephants ther without any problems.

by kttyhwk4 25 Feb 2010

I just came from there and didn't have any problems.
Wish I could be of more help