digitizer: gramsbear 18 Feb 2010

This is a test! I have had several PM's about why I use 7 petals rather than 6, a real snowflake. My thot, every snowflake is different. Cuties, you decide. 6 or 7 petals? Made by 4D Software Extra.

Design #: 4256360
Size (in): 3.35"(w)x3.82"(h)   (mm): 85mm(w)x97mm(h)
Stitches: 7210 Colors: 2 Print Color Chart
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Original artwork: 4-D Embroidery Software Extra
Copyright: These design are protected by International & US Copyright Laws. The Design Files are licensed, not sold, to you. You have a nonexclusive, nontransferable, limited license to use the Design Files. THIS LICENSE IS LIMITED TO YOUR OWN PERSONAL, INTERNAL USE ONLY: gifts and individual items for resale at craft markets, and bazaars. Unauthorised reproduction or distribution of these designs or any portion of them, by email or any other means, is strictly prohibited. The digitised files and/or artwork cannot be sold, given away, shared or transferred in any way.

by debcarlson 18 Aug 2010

Thanks for the wonderful designs. I am hoping you have love, live, laugh somewhere:)

by arisann 24 Feb 2010

6 or 7, whichever, they are all beautiful. Thank you for sharing Joy with us all. I appreciate your work.

by mariahail 18 Feb 2010

You are right dear, every snowflake is different as every artist is too, you are the artist....

by jacquipaul 18 Feb 2010

Thanks; guess my vote is for 7.

by grammalou 18 Feb 2010

Well, i learned something new! I never knew how many petals a real snoflake has or ever thought about it. I think they are both pretty, the one with six seems a little spacy but i would think that since this isn't real, you should use what ever you are comfortable with. I'm sure all of us don't mind and are thankful for all the work you do for us. Thank you

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ichbines by ichbines 19 Feb 2010

Thanks for writing this grammalou I agree :)) and gramsbear thanks for all the designs you are sharing

by dreama 18 Feb 2010

Thank you.

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by mops Moderator 18 Feb 2010

I prefer this one to the one with 7 arms; for no other reason that every real snowflake may be different, it always has 6 arms.
BTW, isn't it fun to play with the 'encore' function? And I like the font you use, it has such interesting curls.

by sewmom 18 Feb 2010

This is pretty too but if I have to choose I still pick 7.

by mad14kt 18 Feb 2010

TU ;D *2U

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roberta by roberta 26 Feb 2010

As for me, i like the 7 snowflakes for the number 7 is God's perfect number. Can't go wrong with that! you do wonderful work.
God's blessings on you for all you do. Thanks! roberta