by grammyfran70 15 Feb 2010

how do I hunt down a member design by the design number? I am in search of 1951454 and 2157520. Thanks!


by meganne 22 Feb 2010

Hmmm, both numbers took me to the same design but with different numbers, and I can't see any difference in them. Hugs n roses, Meganne

meganne by meganne 22 Feb 2010

Aaaah, just read further down, now I'll go experiment with this new information.
Isn't it wonderful how we all learn from each other. Thanks Lois.
Hugs n roses, Meganne

meganne by meganne 22 Feb 2010

And the only difference was stickmuster uploaded it in different formats.

grammyfran70 by grammyfran70 22 Feb 2010

where did you plug in those numbers? boy, I need to borrow a grandkid to teach me!! thanks for the help...greatly appreciated!!

by jacquipaul 21 Feb 2010

Wow thanks for the question and all of the responses. Now we know....

by beatie58 20 Feb 2010

Thank you for asking this question. Works a treat. Sally

by loish 20 Feb 2010

I think this finally gets the link to work properly, Couldn't seem to get it into a comment. This shows the color page for the bunny #1951454. Hope this will work for you. Lois

added: the second link is a shorter one and goes to the design page rather than the color chart. This is for the second number. NOTE: the slash or not at the end seems to be crucial; doesn't work for me with the slash on the first link or without it on the second one.

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meganne by meganne 22 Feb 2010

OH you clever little Vegiemiter, how brilliant is that!!!!!!
I just experimented and found the same thing you did. Woohoo, that's my lesson learnt for today. thank you Lois, hugs n love Meganne

by damaris 20 Feb 2010

boy thanks I wondered how to do this also.

by iris2006 20 Feb 2010

Wow, I tried this and it worked, learned again somethinhg new today, thanks loish

by loish 20 Feb 2010

Just tried this and it worked! go to any design by cuties and right click on the "print color chart", then "open link in new window (or tab)". this will open the color chart for that design. Now go to the URL at the top and change the number to the one you want. Voila!
The first number is Bunny with cocktail by stickmuster.
HTH, Love, Lois

bunnylane by bunnylane 20 Feb 2010

all I get is link broken

loish by loish 20 Feb 2010

hmmm, it worked for me. Are you looking at the webpage with the color chart to the design you started with? Did you change just the number in the URL without adding any spaces? For the bunny, the URL that worked is
(sorry, don't see how to make this an active link in this comment)
HTH, Love, Lois

loish by loish 20 Feb 2010

try that link again,

jrob by jrob 21 Feb 2010

Brilliant thinking Loish.;)

meganne by meganne 22 Feb 2010

Hey Great thinking Lois!!!!! it actually worked for me too, I would never have thought to try that!!!!

by mooie24 20 Feb 2010

Hi Grammy
Is it a cutie design.. I have just gone through all
the free designs I have collected here and Im not
seeing either of those 2 numbers
I have up loaded many designs here to share so i have not down loaded amy of my own ones,, which is why i wanted to check the numbers :-)
any more info would be very helpful
Big hugs from Mooie xxx

by sewmom 15 Feb 2010

You can try putting the number in the Google custom search on the right side of the page.

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grammyfran70 by grammyfran70 16 Feb 2010

tried luck...thanks anyway

by pennifold 15 Feb 2010

Hi Grammyfran70, do you know the member's avatar?

Love and blessings Chris

pennifold by pennifold 15 Feb 2010

Also "grammyfran" do you know what the designs are e.g. a fairy, an animal or whatever. I meant to say too, if you don't know what their avatar is it's the little picture on the left hand side of the questions. In my case it's a picture of me! Love and blessings Chris

grammyfran70 by grammyfran70 16 Feb 2010

but you aren't blue!! all I have are the numbers. I love this site but I may need to live another 70 years just to try out all the!! thanks for the info. and for telling me what an avatar is.