by simplyrosie 11 Feb 2010

I just got a call from Shirlene... in the middle of all this with Rick, she just got a call that her Mom passed away. She was hysterical. OMGosh, I am so sick to my stomach I just can't stop crying right now. My heart is hurting so greatly for her and being in Texas, there isn't a darn thing I can do for her.

Please keep her in prayer friends... she has received WAY more than anyone can imagine handling...

Oh LORD, WHY!!!!! WHY!!!!!


by jrob Moderator 12 Feb 2010

Dearest Teri.....I am so very sorry that you can no longer touch your dear Queen. I know that she is happy, healthy and telling everyone in heaven about HER Teri. Soon you will see only her precious face smiling at you. Until then, God hold you in his arms and love you through this.

by debrar 12 Feb 2010

I am praying for you too. I will continue to pray for you and your family.

by nonna57 12 Feb 2010

Teri Thinking of you and family at this sad time of loosing your beloved Queen Esther. Shalom

by mariahail 12 Feb 2010

Sorry on your lost...***

by asterixsew Moderator 12 Feb 2010

Teri thanks for the posting and I am so sorry to hear about your loss too.

by clawton 12 Feb 2010

Be assured that most folks here at Cute have special thoughts and prayers going out to Shirlene, You and your families. God Bless you all.

by psssst 12 Feb 2010

I for one do not question my Lord, He has His reasons and His knowledge, I trust in Him and His wisdom. She is at peace.

by maryjo 12 Feb 2010

Dearest Teri, Please accept my heartfelt prayers for you and your loved ones. We all know how dear Queen Esther is to you. It is just heartbreaking that this has happened now. You have my deepest sympathy.

by dailylaundry 12 Feb 2010

Teri, bless your sad to hear about the passing of Queen Esther. I wish you could feel my hugs for you. My prayers are with you, Laura

by tolgamum 12 Feb 2010

Dear Teri, I have just read Shirlene's post and sent condolences and prayers; and now in the midst of all this sadness you find not only the time to care and worry for her and her family, but to face your own grief and sadness. Such sorrow. I am truly saddened to hear of Queen Ester's passing and I hope and pray you will be comforted by the love and supportive prayers of all the Cute family.

by lenamae 12 Feb 2010

Teri thank you. it is so up setting Shirlene needs all the prayers she can get she has been through so much. But the bible says God will not put more on us than we can handle sure looks like a lot to handle at one time.
Leov and hugs Lena mae

by claudenicolas 12 Feb 2010

Dear Terry, thank you for your post, Shirlene needs more than ever all our thoughts and prayers,and my prayers are also towards you and your family for the great loss you have had

by iris2006 12 Feb 2010

Teri thank you for your post anmd it is a very difficult time now for Shirlene, but as Shirlene has written in het post it is a very sad day for you too. I cannot imagine how the los of Queen Esther must feel for you because I know how you loved her. This sounds redicules but I'm sure that you have many good memories to think of her in the future. My sincerely condoleances with this big los for you and your family Teri.

by ssarner 12 Feb 2010

I wish I can fly to Utah to be with Shirlene. She really does not need any bad new at this time. My family and I will pray for her.

by designgirl 12 Feb 2010

My heart goes out to her. Keeping her and her family in my thoughts and prayers. Lynn

by marietta 12 Feb 2010

Oh my gosh, all a person can say is that I am so sorry, this is bad for you, and I wish we can all be there for you and Shirlene, just to say do not feel too sad, we are all here for you !!! God has a way to test us, and it is just so sad that any one has to bear so much. I will pray even harder, and will pray that she can bear this and know that all of us is there with her in spirit and mind.
Wishing you both great strength, and lots and lots of love.

by sllakin 12 Feb 2010

Prayers are with you and Shirlene! S.

by judybell 12 Feb 2010

I am so sorry to hear about Shirlene's mother. My heart is sad. Please tell her we are lifting her and all her loved ones up in prayer. God is still in control and will give her all the strength she needs to carry her through even through her heart is breaking.He loves her more than anyone can so He will comfort her as only He can do. Also still praying for Rick. Thanks for the update. In His Love, Judy

by sqdancer 12 Feb 2010

I am so very sorry for both of you Teri, God bless
Love and hugs Glenda x0x0x0x

by pennifold 12 Feb 2010

Dear Teri, I've sent you a PM - please be assured of my continued prayers for you and your family at this sad time. God bless you all - Queen Esther will be greatly missed.

Love and blessings Chris

by nurselilly 12 Feb 2010

Teri im so sorry to hear of your sad news Queen Esther will be missed by many, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this sad time take care Ash xxx

by manami 12 Feb 2010

I'm so sorry Teri...I feel so depressed, lost my friend and 2 beautiful ladies that I considered part of my family, in such short time...My prayers and thoughts for you all. Love,Yoriko

by stitchship 12 Feb 2010

Oh, this is so sad! I am so, so sorry! Poor Shirlene, such a hard blow... May the Lord help them all through this. I will continue praying for her and her whole family.

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stitchship by stitchship 12 Feb 2010

BTW Thanks for posting it here.

by gerryvb 12 Feb 2010

Teri, my deepest sympathy for you too with the lost of Queen Esther.Just read this in Shirlene's post.prayers for you and family!

by gerryvb 12 Feb 2010

thanks for sharing, I don't know what to say, just can advice let's pray together, shirlene realy needs us now.

by fleabag 12 Feb 2010

There is no answer to your question WHY? This is one of those times when you just rely on God and KNOW and TRUST and BELIEVE that He will carry you!
and know that we are all keeping her and Rick in our prayers.

by mops Moderator 12 Feb 2010

Oh Teri, how horrible! She's still on my prayer list and so are you.

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by camylow 12 Feb 2010

REMEMBER the story of Job in the Bible.....Shirlenes faith in the LORD will pull her through...those strong in the LORD are the ones the devil goes after.....We will continue to pray for her and show her GOD is still in control.....let the LOVE flow from us to her and she will get there with us as her strength here on earth and Jesus as her strength and armour in Heaven....deanna

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noah by noah 12 Feb 2010

Thanks Deanna,I couldn,t of said it any better.Yes we will be praying!!God is in controll!!Carolyn

by raels011 12 Feb 2010

I feel for Shirlene I wish I could be with her in this time of need

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pennifold by pennifold 12 Feb 2010

Me too Raelene, I wish we could all give her a great big cuddle. Love Chris

by castelyn 12 Feb 2010

Oh no!!
I feel for Shirlene,
I don't know what to say.

Thanks for update anyway, well send Shirlene an e-mail

Hugs Yvonne

by nonna57 12 Feb 2010

My heart is breaking for Shirlene, sending my love and a bid verbal hug. If only we could all be there with here.

by marthie 12 Feb 2010

This is so schocking and must be very traumatic for Shirlene. she must now be extra strong to carry all this. We wont stop praying. Angels are on their way for support.

by gerryb 12 Feb 2010

Teri, thanks for the info..need to know to pray! Why? We don't know. Maybe so she can help someone else walk this road that may not be as strong in the Lord as she is. Or maybe to allow someone else who HAS walked that road be able to minister to her. Only God knows. But will be praying for her and her family.

by ken174 12 Feb 2010

I cannot imagine. This is so so sad. Feel our love Shirlene. sandy

by meganne 12 Feb 2010

Please everyone, gosh I don't even know what I want to say, nothing can really help right now, but maybe with all our love and support Shirlene will get through this most horrific of times.

Please Cuties embroider an Angel or make a card, we will organise how to get them to Shirlene. We must show her all the love and support we possibly can.

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meganne by meganne 12 Feb 2010

Aussie Cuties I have Shirlene's address so if you contact me privately, I will give you my address, so you can send your card or whatever to me, and Pauline and I will make up a parcel to send to Shirlene.

I hope you will all understand though that without Shirlene's permission, I will not give out her address to anyone, so please do not ask for it.
With best intentions, Meg

by meganne 12 Feb 2010

I am lost for words. This is devastating news. Meg

by pennifold 12 Feb 2010

Thanks Teri for letting us know about Shirlene's Mum. I am dumbfounded and numb - I can't understand why also - especially at this time when Rick has been so ill. I pray that she will have complete serenity through all this turmoil.

As many of you have said on here - we don't know God's timing or why things happen, but if we only have faith all will work out.

Even though our hearts are aching and our souls feel like they've been torn out of our bodies we still find the strength to carry on. May Shirlene and Rick and the rest of the family feel our love and concern at this sad time.

Love and blessings Chris

by suzettebritz 11 Feb 2010

NO! Unbelievable that it should happen NOW - how tragic! I don't know what else to say...Condolences, love, Suzette

by naehwunder 11 Feb 2010

my prayers for Shirlene and your family, Christine

by mad14kt 11 Feb 2010

Shirlene may your strength be STRONG and your PEACE overflowing. God is too WISE and too JUST to ever make a mistake Even thou it's painful, God knows how to bring a GOOD THING out of a bad thing. The Lord allowed Job to be tested with ALL he had but his latter was GREATER than his beginning. Only God knows the PLANS He has for our lives. In life we are going to be TESTED and it will HURT but if you only TRUST HIM, He SHALL bring you out all right!!! You can't see a RAINBOW when it's a's only after! "Jer 29:11 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.

by manami 11 Feb 2010

Teri, thank you for the update. I'm still in shock with my friend's death, and I can't tell you how this news come to worse my pain. My thoughts and prayers for Shirlene and her family... That's a good question: why?

by lbrow 11 Feb 2010

My heart aches for her. I know though that God has a reason for everything & He will give us the strength through His grace to make it through our tribulations. I will continue to pray for God to keep her in the palm of His Hand. Thank u Teri *

by lucypiwow 11 Feb 2010


by haydebug 11 Feb 2010

My heart goes out to her! I lost my father 3 yrs ago, he was only 65 and very unexpected. Is there anyway we can get a card out to her to show her our support and that we are thinking and praying for her at this time! Thanks for the up date.

by read180 11 Feb 2010

this must just be very difficult to handle. My prayers and love go out to Shirlene and her family. My arms are reaching out to give her a huge hug. Blessings my sister.

Cindy B.

by jacquipaul 11 Feb 2010

How horrible for her. Sometimes we will never understand the reasons for the things that happen. I will continue to pray for her and for Rick, and for the rest of her family.
Wish I were closer to Utah; she needs some physical hugs.

by nanna314 11 Feb 2010

This is terrible. No one should have to go through so much at one time. My heart aches for her. Prayers are continueing for her and the family.

by lerman 11 Feb 2010

So sad to hear this. Love / Peggy

by dailylaundry 11 Feb 2010

Oh, my goodness ... I simply cannot believe this. I cannot believe this. Bless her heart.