by teresanta 11 Feb 2010

Sorry! Someone tell me the state of health of Shirlene and Rick, thank you very much, Teresa


by gerryvb 28 Feb 2010

look inpersonal today(28)

by meganne 28 Feb 2010

I received an email from Shirlene this morning 28/02 but it was only about eating healthy. No added message.
Please keep praying for Shirlene and Rick, I am sure they are doing it very tough right now.

Hugs and roses, Meganne

by juanitadenney 28 Feb 2010

Sending my prays to them. Hope Rick has a full recovery.

by twee 28 Feb 2010

Is this a current update? It says it is 16 days old. I appreciate the updates. Shirlene must be overwhelmed with all of this

by simplyrosie 11 Feb 2010

Shirlene had a rough night sleeping last night... Rick has good moments and not so good moments. He has a long uphill road to recovery and it's still very early along the journey.

I chatted with her this morning for a few minutes, but I'll get more detail later today when she calls.


manami by manami 28 Feb 2010

Teri, thank you for the update. Send her our love. They are in my thoughts and prayers. Love,Yoriko

manami by manami 28 Feb 2010

Oh, now I realize this was posted 16 days ago...

by gerryvb 11 Feb 2010

this was the latest I know.but please continue in thinking of and praying for them It's a long difficult road to go.