by simplyrosie 06 Feb 2010

She is in good spirits and thinking positively! I'm very proud of her. Rick's stubborn behavior is what's going to get him through this. He is fighting and both he and Shirlene are believing for positive results. We had a good conversation last night and shared a little embroidery talk to get her mind off the situation. She feels all your prayers and love and will report in when she feels up to it... she is VERY exhausted.

Keep the family lifted today in prayer and let's stand in agreement that we will all see Rick's improvement day by day. :-)


by castelyn 07 Feb 2010

Thanks for the up date. Hugs Yvonne

by babsie 07 Feb 2010

Thanks for the update, they are in my thoughts and prayers througout the day. Give her my love. Hugs

by teddiehogan 07 Feb 2010

Thank you.!!!! ;-)

by melita 07 Feb 2010

Thanks for the update I am praying for a fast recovery.

by iris2006 07 Feb 2010

Teri thank you so much for the update, Shirlene is constantly on my mind, and Rick too of course.

by mmgreyhounds 07 Feb 2010

Thanks for the update. I will continue to pray for Shirlene to have the strength to get through this and Rick's improvement day by day.

by jacquipaul 07 Feb 2010

Thanks Teri, for the update. I tried to phone but missed her.
Bless you for getting in touch and giving her our wishes for health and recuperation.

by quiltgrama 07 Feb 2010

Thank you Terri for the update I have been thinking alot about her. Hugs Lisa

by shazells 07 Feb 2010

Thank You for the update

by pennifold 07 Feb 2010

Hi Teri,

I've just received an email (here at 6.00pm Sunday evening Australian time - in Utah time it was 12.00 midnight Saturday)from Shirlene and she said Rick was doing it tough today and has a temperature. I won't go into all the details as I think it would be better for Shirlene to say herself. She needs rest as she is exhausted as you say. Once she is feeling renewed I am sure she will come on and let us all know what is happening. Keep them in your prayers.

We are all wanting a complete healing and it's so wonderful to see so many people from all over the world praying for them.

God bless you Teri for talking with her - I can only communicate by emails. Love to you and blessings Chris

by teresanta 07 Feb 2010

thanks for the update...

by dlonnahawkins 07 Feb 2010

Teri - thanks for the update. We are all wondering what is going on. Please, Cuties, remember her in your prayers, and for Rick's continued fighting attitude with positive results.

by alex71 06 Feb 2010

Thank you for updating us on Rick's health.
Prayers for them both.

by emily16838 06 Feb 2010

Thanks good to hear

by kezza2sew 06 Feb 2010

Been thinking of her often and wondering.
Pleased to hear from you. Complete love to Shirlene and Family.

by coco128 06 Feb 2010

thanks for the update...will keep on praying!!

by gayle950 06 Feb 2010

thanks for letting us know

by moyed 06 Feb 2010

Thank you.

by raels011 06 Feb 2010

Thank you for letting us know how they are

by sissibrode 06 Feb 2010

thanks for this update Simplyrosie*

by cissie03 06 Feb 2010

Good to read they are positive, my little angel is watching over them.

by mollymarie 06 Feb 2010

Thanks for keeping us updated, my thoughts are with both of them,,,

by designgirl 06 Feb 2010

Thanks for the update. Let her know we are all praying for both of them.

by annatjievdw 06 Feb 2010

Thanks for keeping us up to date. Will keep them in my prayers.

by jreilly 06 Feb 2010

Thank you for the update.
Both Rick & Shirlene stay in my prayers, too.

by grandmamek 06 Feb 2010

Thank you for sharing this update. I am praying for her and Rick.

by tippi 06 Feb 2010

Thank you for the update. They are still in my prayers that he will continue to fight to get better and Shirlene has the strength to carry on and be with him as much as she can.

by asterixsew Moderator 06 Feb 2010

Simplerosie thanks for the update

by lindaavolio 06 Feb 2010

I will continue praying for Rick and Shirlene...
that God will surround them with his love and bring them through this.

by gerryvb 06 Feb 2010

thanks for the update, I had my own mail conversation and she thanks us all for our support and prayers, and hopes we will continue doing so. Of coarse we will!

by meganne 06 Feb 2010

Thanks so much Teri. I keep checking my email for more news from Shirlene, I have been so worried for them both but I know first hand how much it helps to have such loving support from our Cute family.

I would call her if I had a number, and I am so very glad that you did.
Hugs n love, Meg

by judybell 06 Feb 2010

Thanks for the update. Will continue to life them up in prayer.

by katydid 06 Feb 2010

I was not on Cute much yesterday, so I may have missed some details. Did he have the surgery that Shirlene mentioned earlier? Kay

by marietta 06 Feb 2010

Terri, thank you so much for the update, it makes a person feel that your prayers are always heard. Even if we feel we cannot go on, somehow God helps us to pick our selves up and carry on.
Will keep praying, and thinking of them regularly.
Hugs and God bless.

by noah 06 Feb 2010

thanks for the up-date i am thinking & praying for her everytime she comes to my mind!!Carolyn

by clawton 06 Feb 2010

Thank you for sharing with us.

by cinderoak 06 Feb 2010

Yes, WE will be standing in agreement for Rick's complete recovery! We will also lift Shirlene as she tends to her beloved. May they both be surrounded by those who can meet them at their very point of need!

Prayers are answered, as we all have witnessed here through our www friendships! Let me share a testimony of a young man who recently experienced a stroke, so major they expected him to not make it. Required 2 surgeries and comatose for several weeks. The family did not give up and neither did the prayer chain. He is now walking, talking and improving daily; we will continue until he can return to being the Daddy to his young son as his heart desires. Praise the Lord!

May Rick and Shirlene's testimony be even more powerful! Pray expecting the blessing of healing!

1 comment
judybell by judybell 06 Feb 2010

Praise the Lord for His great works!

by dailylaundry 06 Feb 2010

Thank you ... I had a very short conversation with her - we only talked about how tired she was and that Rick had slept most of the day. I too believe that they are feeling our worldwide prayers! Thank you for sharing!!!*

by lenamae 06 Feb 2010

THank you for the up date I had a email and she said she could feel the love of God all around them.

by claudenicolas 06 Feb 2010

Thank you for these positive news. Must continue to pray for them.

by lbrow 06 Feb 2010

Am keeping constant vigil in my heart. Having been through all this I know exactly what she is going through, *

by ssarner 06 Feb 2010

Yes, I will continue to pray for Shirlene and Rick. A candle was lit at my church for them. Thank you for keeping us up in the loop.

1 comment
simplyrosie by simplyrosie 06 Feb 2010

Soi, give her a call today... she would love to hear from you.

by manami 06 Feb 2010

Teri, thank you so much for the update. I've been so worried about Shirlene. I'm glad whe is in good spirits and both are fighting to go through all that. My thoughts and prayers for the family. Love,Yoriko

by blhamblen 06 Feb 2010

THANX for the update:) Of course Prayer is the Answer....