by camylow 26 Jan 2010

brain freeze......COULD SOMEONE PLEASE CONTACT THEM AND SEE IF THEY COULD HELP ME OUT OR SEND ME AN EMAIL TO TRY AND FIGURE OUT WHAT IS GOING ON WITH MY ACCOUT....I cannot send to them or get to it for some is my e-mail to give them...I would surely appreciate it....


by lbrow 26 Jan 2010

Deanna hope by now u have gotten an answer. they have been busy with doing something to the site. *

by jennyt 26 Jan 2010

they are busy doing some upgrades and they are a bit behind, but they emailed me back and fixed everytning, they ARE GREAT!

by meganne 26 Jan 2010

Here is their emad:

Try writing to either of these emads and you should be helped straight away as Debra is brilliant.

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camylow by camylow 26 Jan 2010

I have tried too
cannot get through