by freida 16 Oct 2007

Hi, Ladies, I am having trouble with the eye of my needles fraying my thread. I have changed needles, it continues. Thanks, Freida


by freida 18 Oct 2007

Thanks, Cutiepie, I just had it in for a cleaning. They may have it misaligned. I have hardly used it since I got it back. I think you just hit the hail on the head. Freida

by cutiepie 18 Oct 2007

Freida, have you had your machine looked at? If the needle shank is slightly misaligned, the thread would rub on the needle and cause it to fray. If your machine is still new, it should be completely under warranty and so not cost you anything for them to at least check it out. Be sure to explain the problem as thoroughly as possible to the repair people, even taking pictures of the fraying if necessary. That's what it took to get mine working right.

by freida 17 Oct 2007

Hi, jrob, I have used Organ brand machine embroidery, Schmetz machine embroidery, and singer plain needles all with the same fraying problem. Just can't figure it out. These needles and the same threads work perfectly on my old Simplicity S3 machine. But are just giving me a fit on my Innovis 4000. I have even slowed down the speed trying to stop it. I haven't tried the elongated eye. I'll try that next.

jrob by jrob 17 Oct 2007

hmmmm. Well I hope that works! I haven't had that problem with regular emb. thread, but have with metallic until I found "Sewers Aid" and the metallic doesn't even fray now.

freida by freida 18 Oct 2007

Sewers Aid? that's a new one for me. What is it?

freida by freida 24 Oct 2007

Hi, jrob, I found the Sewers Aid. It is a silicone based lubricant. It smooths the thread and lubricates the machine thru the guides and needle. Thanks for the suggestion. I will try it before I go back to the repair shop. Freida

by jrob Moderator 16 Oct 2007

from the Taunton Website: Fortunately, needle manufacturers have designed needles specifically for embroidery thread, some with specialized eyes that eliminate stripping or splitting the thread as it passes through them. Machine-embroidery needles by Schmetz or Madeira have slightly rounded points to avoid damage to rayon threads. Topstitching needles can also be used with most embroidery threads. And Sullivan's Metafil, Madeira's Metallic, and the Schmetz Metallica needles, for example, designed for metallic embroidery thread, have an elongated eye and a special shaft to reduce friction.

by jrob Moderator 16 Oct 2007

I am really puzzled since you said "needles" - plural so I am assuming that you have tried several. I don't mean to talk down, but since you didn't give more information, I will begin with the basics.Are you using specifically Embroidery needles? An embroidery needle has a longer eye. The tauton website explains it well. see next comment.