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Knight leader

Design #: 412954
Price: $1.00
Design Details
Size (in): 1.38"(w) x 2.05"(h)
Size (mm): 35 x 52
Stitches: 1000
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knight redwork
1penny by 1penny 13d ago

Thank you

Equinox by Equinox 14d ago

Let's move on to something else. I love the swan letters!!

maca6o by maca6o 14d ago

dank je wel

maca6o by maca6o 14d ago

dank je wel

maca6o by maca6o 14d ago

dank je wel

Alabama by Alabama 14d ago

Thank you

Andrei by Andrei 14d ago


kokkieventer by kokkieventer 14d ago

Thank you.

markus by markus 14d ago

Thank you

sewmadau by sewmadau 14d ago

Thank you

genin by genin 14d ago

Thank you

tinfriend by tinfriend 28d ago

Thank you!

Pircy by Pircy 17 Jun 2018

Thank you very much for this lovely embroidery design

gray by gray 12 May 2011

большое спасибо!!!!

craftinan by craftinan 11 May 2011

thank you

ibutoby by ibutoby 11 May 2011

thank you

sewdenise by sewdenise 11 May 2011

Thank you.

sewdeb by sewdeb 11 May 2011

Thank you.

jacquipaul by jacquipaul 11 May 2011

Thank you;

markus by markus 11 May 2011


mysugarfootswife by mysugarfootswife 11 May 2011


outback43 by outback43 05 Nov 2010

thank you *

kuttage by kuttage 11 Apr 2010

Thank you for thinking of the men in our lives. I will be making a Banner valance for our Man room. Thanks again.

jillian by jillian 11 Apr 2010

This is a most interesting set of designs - Thank you

rostanti by rostanti 11 Apr 2010

Thanks .it's for my son

mylli by mylli 10 Apr 2010

Thank you!!

tatiana by tatiana 10 Apr 2010

Merci beaucoup!

workbecky by workbecky 10 Apr 2010

Thank you.

catsnhorses by catsnhorses 10 Apr 2010

LOVE this set for men!! Thank you.

cclark by cclark 25 Jan 2010


harmzen by harmzen 13 Nov 2009

Thank you

mad14kt by mad14kt 12 Nov 2009


corinney by corinney 12 Nov 2009

thank you I missed this one!

debswebster by debswebster 12 Nov 2009

Thanx so much

roxie65 by roxie65 12 Nov 2009

Thank you, I love these guys & please keep a more knights coming

a1lotte by a1lotte 03 Sep 2009

thank you

debbierussell by debbierussell 29 Sep 2008

thank you

roslyn by roslyn 29 Sep 2008

Thank you Love these designs

kalif by kalif 28 Sep 2008

thank you

remko25 by remko25 28 Sep 2008

dank u

designgirl by designgirl 28 Sep 2008

Thank you again.

ruthie by ruthie 19 Dec 2007

Thank you very much.

cozitsoz by cozitsoz 18 Dec 2007

What is everyone doing with these knight designs? They are very different but I can only think of boys or mens'clothing.

ginaniemeyer by ginaniemeyer 18 Dec 2007

Thank you

ginaniemeyer by ginaniemeyer 18 Dec 2007

Thank you

ginaniemeyer by ginaniemeyer 18 Dec 2007

Thank you

nifty by nifty 18 Dec 2007

Thank you

milena by milena 09 Nov 2007


milena by milena 04 Nov 2007

pleasegain this design

tmbache by tmbache 20 Oct 2007

Thank you

sandralochran by sandralochran 20 Oct 2007

thank you

codyestey by codyestey 19 Oct 2007

Thank you for the nice design

a1lotte by a1lotte 19 Oct 2007


grannygoslo by grannygoslo 19 Oct 2007

thank you so much

mariele by mariele 19 Oct 2007


gwenw by gwenw 19 Oct 2007

thank you i really like these knight patterns

hunybear1 by hunybear1 19 Oct 2007

Thank You.

cormiertx by cormiertx 19 Oct 2007

Thank you!

ryabinka by ryabinka 19 Oct 2007

Thank you!

280449 by 280449 19 Oct 2007

dank je wel

ritageysen by ritageysen 19 Oct 2007

dank u

maeeast by maeeast 19 Oct 2007

Another great coordinating design. Thanks!

a1lotte by a1lotte 16 Oct 2007

das ist sehr schön habt ihr noch mehr davon auch frei

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