by ezzemml 15 Jan 2010

I am so so thankful for the power of prayer and the gift of love that you all showed for us when you don't really know us. I can say that our Heavenly Father heard and all went well and on major causes to her problems were found still need more investigation in other areas but the scary one cancer has been ruled out. and as She had been on a diet of soup and jelly for a week she is so glad to be home she thought i was mean as i had to start it on Monday at home and she was going to tell on me didn't realise she was going to get it there also. Thanks again.Our love to you all.


by lindaavolio 15 Jan 2010

Brenda, I'll keep praying they find the cause ... glad it wasn't cancer ... be strong.

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ezzemml by ezzemml 17 Jan 2010

Thank you very very much.

by shirlener88 15 Jan 2010

Brenda, here is another of the samples of God answering out prayers - thank goodness all is well.

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ezzemml by ezzemml 17 Jan 2010

She still has problems but not the worst and I am so grateful for prayer as for one it gives us some form of sanity as I see many a person at the hospital and they must have no faith and therfore no strength to draw on in times of serious need.It is so sad and if things did go bad for us I know that I would still have my faith to see me through nomatter what. But thanks to God and the prayers of my online family cuties that never happened.

by gerryvb 15 Jan 2010

thank you for the update,we keep you in mind and prayers.

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ezzemml by ezzemml 17 Jan 2010

Thank you for your prayers.

by jrob Moderator 15 Jan 2010

God is good all of the time...Happy that at least Cancer has been ruled out. I will continue to remember you both and I don't blame her about "telling on you"! hahaha ;0

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ezzemml by ezzemml 17 Jan 2010

She even tells on me in her prayers. She sayes things like hope my dear mother calms down. And she says mums a bit crazy today and she needs to be good and not give me a hard time. And help her make her better so she don't go mad at me.

by lbrow 15 Jan 2010

So glad u r home ezze & will keep u both in my prayers *

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ezzemml by ezzemml 17 Jan 2010

So am I and thank you very much.