by test 12 Jan 2010

Thank you Deanna, Jerrilyn, Shirlene, Marji, Letvia, Meganne, Martine, Lillian, Pauline, Chris, Raelene, Nini, Melani, Lois, Rita, Engenia, Michelle, Lauris, Ricky, Linda, Glenda, Shushana, Lianne, Carolyn, Yvinne, Ruth, Cindy, Jaura, Colleen, Claude, Loretta, Mary, Stitchship, Daisy, Sissi, Sheryl, Debbie, Sally, Kerry, Barb, Gerry, Deborah, Lisa!!!!!! This is a precious gift to me! Im happy to have such a big beautiful family:)

Love and Blessings to all Cuties


by sewmom 03 Jul 2010

I'm so glad this was brought up too. I missed seeing the pictures the first time around. It turned out beautifully!

by sqdancer 17 Jun 2010

So glad that this post was brought up again, I was on my way to Florida during this week and missed seeing the pictures...You are so very welcome Veronika, you are a great "Mom" to us all...Hugs and best always Glenda x0x0x0x

by stitchship 14 Jan 2010

Dear Ms Veronika, We are so glad that you liked the quilt. We have so much to thank you for. This is the only board that I visit everyday, even if it is just for a few short minutes and sometimes I am able to read only 1 post. You have created a wonderful site for all of us, and we appreciate it so much! You have kept it such a fun, helpful, and loving place, even when little things come up, you handle things in such a way, that it keeps us coming back.

Thank you Ms Veronika from the bottom of our hearts. And thanks to Deanna, who is also a very special person. Without her hard work, creativity and big heart, this would not have been possible for a lot of us.

Have a lovely day!

by manami 13 Jan 2010

Dear Veronika, you deserve this and much more! I'm sorry I didnt participate of this quilt, I was in Japan when this started, and I couldnt think in anything else for a while, after the experience I had with the plane in my way back to Australia. But, my heart is full of love for all you do for us!
God bless you and yours always! Love,Yoriko

by modo 13 Jan 2010

It was a pleasure to have participated, thanks for the pictures, Michelle

by kezza2sew 13 Jan 2010

I have a little tear in my have you thank us like this is so wonderful, I am so glad you love it. You are one very special Lady. Lucky I can touch type as both my eyes are teary now...
You have made the internet a lovely place to visit for lots of us..and a love of our life, machine embroidery. Enjoy your quilt...luv and hugs Kerry in Australia.

by lindaavolio 12 Jan 2010

BIG ... BIG ... HUGS back to you ... and thank you for all you give to us. Sit back, close your eyes, and feel ALL the love sent your way from ALL the Cuties.

by dkjack 12 Jan 2010

You are so welcome. Thank you for the lovely pictures. I was so happy to be a part of this project and couldn't wait to see it finished. Deanna did a fantastic job to make all of your designs even more beautiful. Thank you for this wonderful site! I'm not sure how far I would have gotten on machine embroidery on my own without this site for help, guidance, encouragement, and love. You are our #1 Cutie!
Love Deborah

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castelyn by castelyn 15 Mar 2010

Deborah, I agree with you - Hugs yvonne

by nonna57 12 Jan 2010

Welcome home. We missed you . Thankyou for the lovely pics. From the bottom of my heart i thankyou for all that you give, a second family for me, Friends and friendship beyond my wildest dreams. As the saying goes " I love my computer, because all my friends live there" THANKYOU :)

by pennifold 12 Jan 2010

Hi there Veronika and welcome back from your holidays. I'm so proud to have been able to offer a little square for this beautiful quilt. As you can see it has been made with much love and appreciation for all you do for us. Deanna has done a perfectly wonderful job in combining all of the squares and also the comments from us all in the wording. This has made this quilt truly one of a kind!

This site has been a Godsend for a lot of us and we thank you for your generosity - we are nearly number 1 so I pray that this year we will be able to help you get there. As Daisy530 says you're already NUMBER 1 in our eyes.

God bless you and thank you for this site.

Love and blessings Chris

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castelyn by castelyn 15 Mar 2010

This is so true Chris. Hugs Yvonne

by nini 12 Jan 2010

Veronika, You're welcome. I must thank you for creating this Cute World! I've been so happy visiting it whenever I can and I'm pround of being a little part of it. Deanna did the most difficult work, putting our litle pieces together and giving a beautiful look to them. This was, indeed, made with worldwide love. I think we made the world a little bit more beautiful!!!....Thanks!

by raels011 12 Jan 2010

Thank you for the great gifts you give ua everyday It was a pleasure to do something in return

by lbrow 12 Jan 2010

Oh Veronika as Meg says, it was truly a labor of love, & of course Deanna did most of the labor I think u already know how I feel. I'm so glad u r back & can get some of these newbies problems straightened out. I cannot stand it when someone is unhappy with us. Now as for that bear. He is awsome, I love him & he looks so content with the quilt. I'm glad he is pleased along with you. Lillian

by camylow 12 Jan 2010

THANK YOU, VERONIKA....this place has been my rock....with so much help, prayers, love, friendship, and enjoyment, I am so ever glad to have found this site....I think everyone agrees that when we start to feel down, help is just a click away to here....I can only hope that circumstances enable all of us to continue to grow with each other for the rest of our lives.....deanna

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test by test 12 Jan 2010

Thank you Deanna!!!!!!! I really feel your warmth and hugs when I'm under the quilt He-he-he

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by gerryvb 12 Jan 2010

Miss Veronika, I'm happy our gift to you is precious to you.
But most of all you have to thank Deanna (Camylow) because she did a marvelous job putting all the pieces together to make it to this lovely quilt. She was the one who inspired us and did a lot of work!
It was our way to say: it's great to be a cutie, and thank you for making it possible to be part of this wonderful cute family. God bless,hugs Gerry

by claudenicolas 12 Jan 2010

Veronika, you are welcome! Thank you for the beautiful pictures. Thank you for the free designs that you give for us every day and thank you for this marvelous site, where i have found so many marvelous friends and where there is so much love and help. Claude

by mops Moderator 12 Jan 2010

You are so very welcome, it was truly a labour of love from all of us. Thank you for the beautiful pictures.
I'm glad you are back and hope 2010 will be a prosperous and healthy year for you.
With love, Martine

by katydid 12 Jan 2010

I am so glad to see the finished Quilt. It is wonderful. I know nothing about quilts, but I wish I could have participated too. I guess I missed my opportunity. I know you will cherish this gift, Veronika, and rightfully so. We all appreciate what you do for us. Love, Kay

by daisy530 12 Jan 2010

You are so welcome! Thankyou for this great site! This is the year Cute will be No. 1. (actually, it already is in my eyes :)

by shirlener88 12 Jan 2010

Veronika, thank you for the pictures - we do appreciate it. This was a small token of the love and care that we each feel for you and all that you allow us to do with your site. You have created a place for us to join together and share our love of the embroidery world - and that is how far we stretch our arms - around the world with love for you and for each other - we come together here - at CUTE and love you and your work - along as each other. Thank you for that.

by grandmamek 12 Jan 2010

You are so very welcome. It was such fun to be able to participate in this. THank you for all you do for us. Hugs. Mary

by dlmds 12 Jan 2010

Veronika, You have given all of us sooo very much by giving us one another + all the free designs you have kindly shared. As you can see our family is constantly growing, that is because you have created the best site on the web. It is easy to use, and there is help, love, and kindness here. Thank you, and you sure have our blessings. What is the anniversary of "Cute"? When did you start it? Sally

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jrob by jrob 12 Jan 2010

01 Sept 2006

by dailylaundry 12 Jan 2010

It was fun participating in this project of love for you. You give us an opportunity to be a part of a family and we appreciate it so much!!! Deanna did an extremely lovely job of putting it all together and finishing it - she deserves so much credit!!! Happy you like it, Hugs, Laura

by sissibrode 12 Jan 2010

You are very welcome !!! this is very little compared to what you share with us every day !!!

Love and Hugs,

by jacquipaul 12 Jan 2010

All of us love you, even though we were not all able to participate in making this quilt! You've been so good to us all! Thank you for crating this wonderful site.

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lflanders by lflanders 12 Jan 2010

I agree with Jacqui 100%, and You have given those of us that are mostly homebound alot of entertainment, wonderful designs, and the ability to talk to some of the nicest people in the world! I have learned alot about embroidery also, even though I have been sewing on my machines for many, many years. I, personally, have met some of the nicest people that are always ready to give advice, and share their knowledge of embroidery and just plain everyday life with me. I just turned 63 and have been through some horror stories with my health over the last few years but 2009 was the worst time in my life. My 42 year old son had a Major Heart Attack and we came very close to losing him physically. I know that the prayers that came from all, helped him get through his great ordeal. Physically, he is doing great now. I am still not very sure about mentally but we are dealing with it daily. Don't get me wrong, he is not crazy, but he has not returned to the person that he was before the H.A. I thank everyone for helping get me through that, almost daily! This site that you maintain is my back-up because I am not able to get out much. The members are a very wonderful group of ladies/guys that are always there for each other. Without you, we would not have this wonderful site. Hugs, Linda in Ga

by clawton 12 Jan 2010

You are so welcome. It was just a small part to say thank you for this site. Hope you have many more years of success. It is us that are so thankful to what you offer us.

by blhamblen 12 Jan 2010

You deserve MORE for all that you share with US...A little cloth, a few threads....THANX to YOU for being here for US!!!

by meganne 12 Jan 2010

Oh You are so very welcome, it was truly a labour of love from all of us.
I'm glad you are back with us and hope 2010 will be a bumper year for you.
Hugs and roses and much love, Meganne

by jrob Moderator 12 Jan 2010

Welcome home and you are so very welcome. For my part it wasn't nearly enough for all that you do for us. It is such a blessing to have a safe, loving, informative place to come and share or get a boost, or help someone and THEN get a prize design for doing it! You mean so much to us and my wish is for continued success and blessings on you and your family.

meganne by meganne 12 Jan 2010

Nicely put Jerrilyn. HNR, M

clawton by clawton 12 Jan 2010

Couldn't have said it better. Thanks jrob for a nice comment and A SPECIAL THANKS TO VERONIKA for this great site.

by test 12 Jan 2010

This is beautiful :)

meganne by meganne 12 Jan 2010

Wow! What a gigantic bear, he's awesome!
HNR, Meganne

shirlener88 by shirlener88 12 Jan 2010

Thank you for the pictures - I agree - what a gigantic bear.

nonna57 by nonna57 12 Jan 2010

SOOOOO thats what MIss Veronika looks like. I didnt know it but i have your twin Miss Tedrena in my Loungeroom. :)))

dlonnahawkins by dlonnahawkins 12 Jan 2010

Wow - that is one big bear - and beautiful quilt. You have been special to many people. Thanks for all that you do for all of us.

manami by manami 13 Jan 2010

This is such a stunning work! Congratulations to all Cuties and thank you Ms Veronika, for sharing the pictures!

waterlily by waterlily 13 Jan 2010

Oh, It looks wonderful! Thanks so much for posting the pictures!

shirlener88 by shirlener88 17 Jun 2010

I love this quilt.

castelyn by castelyn 17 Jun 2010

It looks great, thanks for the pictures. Hugs Yvonne

sewmom by sewmom 03 Jul 2010

Love the bear with the quilt on!