by robinw 10 Jan 2010

Hi All! I am generally new to this site, have downloaded a bunch of your freebies....Thanks so do you collect the flowers and what does it mean?


by claudenicolas 11 Jan 2010

Welcome with us and another flower for you****

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by lflanders 11 Jan 2010

Good morning Robin, Welcome to the best embroidery group online. I see you have received alot of answers and have discovered how to get/give flowers. Now.... stick around and and have a good time! We look forward to seeing some of your work posted in the projects section! Linda in Ga. * 4U

by iris2006 11 Jan 2010

I see you've got some good answers, just Welcome to CUTE and enjoy.

by pennifold 11 Jan 2010

Welcome to this wonderful site "robin". I do hope to see some of your work in the Projects section. Lots of information in the tutorial blue tabs to your left of the screen. Our Marjilexa has done several and they are very helpful.

Once again welcome to this site and love and blessings from Chris, Newcastle, Ausstralia.

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robinbird by robinbird 11 Jan 2010

The clipart kitties are meeow-riffic. I'm a fan of kitties. Thanks for the smile.

by castelyn 11 Jan 2010


by dlmds 11 Jan 2010

Welcome, I am happy you found us. I see that you have your answers. H&*

by lbrow 10 Jan 2010

Hi Robin Welcome to the wonderful world of cute embroidery. Sorval & Shirlene have answered your ques. about the flowers so here is one for u *

by shirlener88 10 Jan 2010

Hello Robin and WELCOME to the CUTE family. As far as flowers go - I wanted to say with each flower that we give and receive - we are giving the other love and respect. Hope your garden is growing and growing and you know that you are loved and respected by the CUTE family - over and over again - day in and day out. We need to see your name - to give you flowers - so if you are not posted a Q & A or not making a comment - we can not show you how much we care for YOU!

robinw by robinw 10 Jan 2010

ok, sounds great, but how do I give flowers?? or what are you guys doing to give others flowers? I see I received 8 just by having this question posted and you guys answering??? thanks for your help!

robinw by robinw 10 Jan 2010

Oh!!! I was just trying things, and I clicked on your flower and I see the #1 popped up and the word that is how you accumulate the flowers, huh?!!!

sorval by sorval 10 Jan 2010

well now you know it lol
you learn fast
hugs Sonja

by sorval 10 Jan 2010

hello new you lol
when you have put here emb work and people like that they give you a flower
and i have learn after a long time to thank people and give them also a flower
but that whas because my language is not english so i have learn that
hugs Sonja and a flower for you lol its also 4U