by annatjievdw 10 Jan 2010

It will spare lots of time for the newcomers on Cute if they want to download the designs of the Cuties. Maybe somebody out there can suggest a way that the site could be altered in that way. I was wondering about that for a very long time because there are such a lot of very nice designs from our talented Cuties. Annatjie


by annatjievdw 11 Jan 2010

I tried the Google search. Marjialexa you are always the one with the answers on this kind of question. Or maybe somebody else have another tip to do it. Luv u all. Annatjie

by castelyn 11 Jan 2010

Annatjie, sorry there is no easy way to search for "designs by cuties" AS YET.
If the digitiser has loaded it onto general- and put a heading to it at the bottom of there comments it is easy then to find it with the "Google"Custom Search.

but we don't always load it onto the General side as well as in the "designs by Cuties"

Maybe it should be put up as a request to load it both sides!!!!!

Hugs Yvonne

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annatjievdw by annatjievdw 11 Jan 2010

Thanks a lot Yvonne. Luv. Annatjie

by sewmom 10 Jan 2010

You could try to use the Google custom search on the right side of the page here. It might make it a little easier to find but there is no search engine for the designs by Cuties pages.

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annatjievdw by annatjievdw 11 Jan 2010

Thanks will try it and let you gals know what happened. Will be wonderful if it will work like that. You all are so helpful. What a wonderful family to belong to. Luv u all. Annatjie

by lbrow 10 Jan 2010

To my knowledge u can only DL any of the designs on Cute 1 at a time unless it is a zipped pack of designs. sorry. Glad u like 10jie's designs. I think she does a super job & she is so generous to us all. *

10tje by 10tje 10 Jan 2010

Thank you!!**********

katydid by katydid 10 Jan 2010

We all love your designs.

10tje by 10tje 11 Jan 2010

Thank you, thank you*****

annatjievdw by annatjievdw 11 Jan 2010

Thanks Lillian. Yes I also love 10tjie's designs. They are outstanding.