by giddygoat 05 Jan 2010

What time do the fonts change for cute alphabets? Missed the Z of the pointsettia font. This happens often with the last letter of an alphabet. It seems to be posted for a shorter time


by lbrow 05 Jan 2010

As Cathiejones so aptly put it. Now is the time to buy missing fonts since they r on sale. Better yet Purchase membership while it is on sale for Cute embroidery & u can DL everything already here & what is to come for the next 6 months.(this does not include sister site Cute Just look at the wealth of designs on cute u can get in Designs, line, alphas, lace, crossstitch & applique. A very good value anytime but now on sale *

by cathiejones 05 Jan 2010

I was surprise too !
As many of us we have been busy somewhere else (family in France for me) with Christmas and the New Year. I also missed a few letters of that beautiful alphabet.

AND I notice today that they were doing sale for the last days !
So I decided to buy all the letters I was missing, R, V, Z for Poinsettia, K, R for Halloween Cat, P and L for the RedRose font, Y for Skiey font and I couldn't resist for a all alphabet half price Heart Flower Font.
It's the right time for a update of your missing letter.
Good luck.

by ingrid68 05 Jan 2010

Hi ya. I noticed that you're in Queensland and me being in Perth I log on as soon as my hubby goes to work so that is about 6am and I never have had any problems with missing any letters. But I just checked the Cute Alphabet site and I was surprised to see a new font up already. So that definitely wasn't up for long than. Maybe you can put a request for a vote on the missing Z. You need to see crafter2243 for the voting requests. Sorry that you missed the Z.

giddygoat by giddygoat 05 Jan 2010

Thank you

iris2006 by iris2006 05 Jan 2010

Sorry to hear you miussed the poinsettia Z. About the votingrequest, as long as the new alpha runs you're change getting the Z is not so big, but you can always try :)))