by nouveau 22 Dec 2009

There is a beautiful Santa and sleigh flying somewhere which I can't find. Not free but beautiful. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Many thanks!


by ibis 22 Dec 2009

Embroidery Library has several Santa/sleigh flying designs, some over landmarks, one by homes.

by shirlener88 22 Dec 2009

I can't help - so I will leave you a *!

by pennifold 22 Dec 2009

There's a great one on the big designs and on the page under "Schlittenfahrt" (it's the same design only sideways)

Love Chris

by schneewittchen 22 Dec 2009

Perhaps is it this?

schneewittchen by schneewittchen 22 Dec 2009

"schlitten 2"

shirlener88 by shirlener88 22 Dec 2009

Oh that is lovely!

nouveau by nouveau 23 Dec 2009

This is the one, THANKS! Now, how do I buy it? The German I had in High School is moldy!

by edithfarminer 22 Dec 2009

Ko has a beautiful one and emb library I believe.