by mygypsy2 21 Dec 2009

Is it better to use 75/11 or 90/14 needle for FSL on machine embroidery? I need to buy some and I'm alittle confused about the difference. Is the 90/14 just a bigger eye of the needle? Thank you.


by shirlener88 21 Dec 2009

mygypsy2, I use a 90/14 most of the time with my FSL - however there is a time that the smaller does come in handy - when the stitching is dense. *4U

mygypsy2 by mygypsy2 21 Dec 2009

Thank you very much. I know your work is always beautiful :-) *4U

claudenicolas by claudenicolas 21 Dec 2009

Thank shirlene, your advice is always precious, you have a great experience