by waterlily 15 Dec 2009

an edge to save my life. I usually use a can or something as a template for a rounded edge. But I don't have anything that size to use as a template. I could use a larger round can, but I would end up with more of a scalloped edge (which isn't horrible as a last resoprt). Does anyone have any wonderful tips or tricks to a nice round edge?


by waterlily 16 Dec 2009

Thank You Everyone for all your great ideas and tips! * 4 all!

by dlmds 15 Dec 2009

Waterlily, you have some great ideas here. Thank you for the question as I learned alot by reading all the answers. H&*

by embroiderymad 15 Dec 2009

If your useing the same piece of fabric for the wedges, then you need a square big enought to fit your circle.
Fold you square in half to make a triangle. Then fold again and again to make a smale triangle.

Now you get a pencil and tie it to string hold the other end of string at centre point of your circle on you triangle. Hold the string tight with one hand and the pencil in other hand draw you part of circle at the bottom.
Now you cut through all layers and you have a circle. You can then cut them with straight line into your wedges.
Hope this helps

by potheau 15 Dec 2009

I use a pin and a string with a knot around a pen simple idea is good idea, have fun and send us the picture
Alice France

by shirlener88 15 Dec 2009

LQQKs like you have decided or have enough info to get this project going - please share a picture of your finished project - soon! *4U

by katydid 15 Dec 2009

I use Annsown's method some what. I have made many decorator table cloths. 30 years, an interior decorator wanted $100 for a 76" table cover. It would have covered the top of a table and come down to the floor all around. Being a avid machine sewer all my life, I thought I can do that!!! use some old fabric or paper for your pattern. you may have to sew several pieces together to get the width you want. Fold it into half and them half again and half again. Now it is pie shaped. take a marking pen or a piece of chalk and tie a string around and make the length of the string 1/2 the diameter of your finished circle size. Hold with one hand or pen the string to the pointed end and mark the other end with chalk. Now cut through all edges on bottom end. If you want wedges, trace around this folded shape and add seam allowance on the sides. you now have a pattern for a round table cloth and a pattern for wedge round tree skirt. If you use felt, you wont have to finish edges and it comes so nice and wide to work with. Good luck!!!

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waterlily by waterlily 15 Dec 2009

Thank You! This is a great idea, too! I am planning on using felt, so that does make the job a bit easier since I don't have to finish ig.

by clawton 15 Dec 2009

I bought one of the small round table cloths in red with a green ruffle some time ago with the small round talbe were popular. I found the center and cut it open to the center, turned under the raw edges and stitched. It worked perfectly!

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waterlily by waterlily 15 Dec 2009

Thank You! Another great idea!

by mops Moderator 15 Dec 2009

You could draw the circle (or part of it - a quarter would do nicely) on paper and use that as a template. I use a pushpin and my cutting mat. Some measuring tapes have an eyelet at the beginning, you could use that too - easier to keep taught than a piece of string.

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waterlily by waterlily 15 Dec 2009

WOW! That IS a great idea! I know myself well enough to know that my hand would keep slipping if I used teh pencil and string idea.

by meganne 15 Dec 2009

Or you could just follow the links and download the PDF patterns from Embroidery Library

gerryvb by gerryvb 15 Dec 2009

thank you for the link (of ideas)

waterlily by waterlily 15 Dec 2009

Thank You! I'm going to check them all out!

waterlily by waterlily 15 Dec 2009

Thank you again! I actually really like the PinWheel style, after looking at it! I think I have my idea!!

by meganne 15 Dec 2009

The trick is to use a rounded object LARGER than the size of the wedge edge, ie, a garbage can lid, becaus you only need a small section of the edge.

Another thing you can try is to use, say a dinner plate or large saucepan lid, trace one whole circle out on a piece of paper, then move the object to to cover just over half of the circle (making sure the tops are in line) trace the second part of the object only about the top half.

When you remove the object you will have two arcs disecting each other and it is a simple matter to just add an adjoining arc between the little indent space at the top to make one large arc.

I hope this makes sense. Hugs n roses, Meganne

meganne by meganne 15 Dec 2009

But I'd go with Annsown's suggestion if you can. Just remember to hold the string firmly in the centre while you draw your arc, you can actually secure it with a thumb tack depending on the surface you are working on.

waterlily by waterlily 15 Dec 2009

That's a great idea! I had never thought of a Trash can lid! I have one of those here! Thanks so much for the idea!

meganne by meganne 15 Dec 2009

Necessity is the mother of invention as they say.....

Besides, sometimes you can't find some string to bless yourself! LOL!!!

by annsown 15 Dec 2009

Do you by chance have a round tablecloth that you could fold up in eights and use that as a pattern? Or tie a pencil to a string about 1/2 the width of the size skirt you want and hold it at the center point (will have to cut a round hole here too--small at first, then enlarge if needed) and mark the arc at the outside edge...maybe try on 'scrap' fabric or paper first to get the idea :) Good luck with your project!

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waterlily by waterlily 15 Dec 2009

Actually, after I posted this, I had thought of just purchasing a round table cloth and using it. I could cit a slit half way and finish it off. It would certainly be easier. Thanks for the suggestion!