by lorifay 14 Dec 2009

I was collecting the pointessita fonts by and today they are no where to be found,can you help me find them?


by tippi 14 Dec 2009

Thank you for asking this question. I didn't know how to find the pointsettia font either.

by marjialexa Moderator 14 Dec 2009

Yes, Lorifay, don't depend on the google ad to be on this site after the first few days of a font. You need to put the Cute Alphabets site in your favorites, or somewhere you'll remember it. Cute Alphabets is a sister site to Cute Embroidery, but it's not the same site, so you won't always see the ads for it here. Good luck getting your letters, hugs, Marji

by crafter2243 Moderator 14 Dec 2009

You received the answer. I put links for fonts that I am collecting in to the "Favorites" in my browser

by ingrid68 14 Dec 2009

The pointsettia font is on the Cute Alphabet site. Here is the link.