by 100pandas 08 Dec 2009

Not a question, but I FINALLY have my new sewing area.


by mel08 09 Dec 2009

How pretty! That is quite a nice space to work in !

by jrob Moderator 09 Dec 2009

Very nice, we need to be able to find our "Stuff". That's a great set up.;)

by gerryvb 09 Dec 2009

wow, good workspace is the beginning of good results!! enjoy the new area

by cathiejones 09 Dec 2009

It's really nice, plenty of space on the working surface, draw easy to reach,...anf for the empty space, I'd love to still have it !

by shirlener88 09 Dec 2009

Cindy, you are a lucky lady! *4U

by castelyn 09 Dec 2009

Cindy , it looks great, thanks for sharing - Hugs Yvonne

by debrar 08 Dec 2009

I love the drawers with your thread. Mine is all over the place. Good for you. I am so impressed. I need to get organized. You have inspired me. Thanks for sharing.

by dailylaundry 08 Dec 2009

Congrats!!! You are soooooo lucky!! I have a room - but no shelves, cabinets, etc! Well, now you can stitch to your heart's content!!! 4U*

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100pandas by 100pandas 08 Dec 2009

Thanks. Have been sewing, now its getting close to Christmas think both me and my machine need a rest.

by 100pandas 08 Dec 2009

Here it is. Have overhead cupboards that are not even full, YET!!!

mpatterson by mpatterson 08 Dec 2009

It so nice I would hate to mess it up by sewing in there !! Midge

sissibrode by sissibrode 09 Dec 2009

Cute !!!! It's fine to have a sewing area !!!