by nonmusicmom 08 Dec 2009

How do I download a picture to projects? My pictures are in a Kodak program. How do i move them? These are pictures of my quilt top.


by katydid 08 Dec 2009

Thanks Chris. I am having trouble my self on my new computer because i can not see what is in the file. If your photos are in my photos, open that and find the one you want to post and click on it and then up load and wait until it appears on your screen and then save. Then go back to projects and it will be there. Good luck!

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by pennifold 08 Dec 2009

Hi Nonmusicmom,

I hit on the Projects icon and then the UPLOAD YOUR PROJECT and up comes the page where you name your project and the box below the title is where you write all about it. You will see a browse button you hit on that and it will bring up where you keep your pictures. You click on the picture you want to download and hit the SAVE button. It takes a while about 2 minutes to download and then for you to have a look at it hit the Home icon at the top left hand side of your page and hit on projects. You should then be able to see it.

Good luck. There should also be a tutorial about it in the tab to the left of this screen.

Someone with more knowledge should be along soon to tell you how to do it. Make sure the picture is not bigger than 2mb - check properties and it will tell you how big the picture is.

Love Chris

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nonmusicmom by nonmusicmom 08 Dec 2009

Thanks Chris