by tindo 05 Dec 2009

Has anyone upgraded to windows 7? if so and they use sewiconizer are you able to install it. i am having a problem it is not showing icons.


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by babyred 07 Dec 2009

Sorry I didn't answer sooner. I just saw that you asked for the link. Here it is if you still need it.Click on one of these links (shown below) on Sands website to download the update and install the update. You have to know if you have 32 bit or 64 bit Windows 7. Also here is the link to Sands. Yes I do have Windows 7 and have been using it for several months. My DH does testing for Microsoft on their systems before they are sold to the public.

VISTA/WIN7 32bit or VISTA/WIN7 64bit

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tindo by tindo 07 Dec 2009

i did all of above still not able to fix problem i did contact Steve waiting for answer

by mel08 06 Dec 2009

I also have a new laptop, and it has Windows 7. I purchased SewiConizer before when I was operating XP, so I emailed Steve at Sands Computing and he responded really fast with an answer to my question. Send him a detailed email with your problem or concerns and he will give you a great answer! Their support is really good.

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tindo by tindo 07 Dec 2009

I have done all of above and i am still having problems

by sandy38001 06 Dec 2009

I have a new computer with Windows 7 and SewIcon does not work on it. It worked great on my old X..I got emails from Steve at SewIconz but still cannot get it to work.

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tindo by tindo 07 Dec 2009

sorry you are having the same problems like i am. I have been trying for days. I wrote to Steve again and i am waiting for a reply

by maryclampitt 05 Dec 2009

Yes, I have for about 3 wks or so. I had my son install sewiconz for me and it works great but you can contact sewiconz and Steve is really helpful. I bought the program and $20 is well worth it. The icon size have to be played with, sometimes I get a black sq. but if you change them from sm to med. to lrg they will appear. You do need to extract the files first if they are not in the format you need. I will try and help you some more if I can. But for problems be sure to contact them. They really are helpful.

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tindo by tindo 05 Dec 2009

thank you Mary I bought that one also. but for some reason i can not get it to work on my new laptop with windows 7. embird 2004 is not working either

by tindo 05 Dec 2009

Thank you for your answers, I only got the laptop on Friday and it came with Windows 7. the only other choice was Vista and i know i did not want that one.
I rang the retailer and he said to take it back to him with all the programs i want to install and they will do it for me.
I am feeling a lot better now that I know that they will help.

by katydid 05 Dec 2009

Marlene, I have a new computer and windows 7 came on it. I insisted that I did not want vista after hearing all the negative remarks. I am presently trying to change everything to the new one. I am so thrilled to have a new computer as all I have had is a hand-me-down worn out. All of you know that i am computer challenged to start with. so far the biggest problem is transferring the photo images. They all come up a beach scene. I can right click to preview, but I can't post a photo or e-mail because I don't know what it is. I tried going down the view tab to no avail. maybe some one can help me. I need all the help I can get. Thanks, Kay

babyred by babyred 05 Dec 2009

I don't know the answer but my DH might. I will ask him when he gets home.

babyred by babyred 06 Dec 2009

Sorry, I asked DH and he doesn't know eiter.

katydid by katydid 06 Dec 2009

Thanks for asking

by babyred 05 Dec 2009

If you are downloading this from Sands computing, there is a link to download an update to your system. I had to install this and SewIconz is now working beautifully. The designs look like actual pictures! No need to download a picture of the design anymore. I love Windows 7! Nothing like Vista!

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sandy38001 by sandy38001 06 Dec 2009

I tried downloading from S and S computing and SewIconz would not work...what is the link to update. Are you using Windows 7?

by dlmds 05 Dec 2009

Is Windows 7 software you purchase? Do you know how it is suppose to be of benefit? I do not know anyone that has this. H&*

marjialexa by marjialexa 05 Dec 2009

It's the new version of Windows, the one that will come with all new computers now. Personal opinion: I think it's what Vista should have been, only they brought up Vista fast and dirty, so it was full of problems. Yes, you can purchase it, as an "upgrade" if you have Vista or XP. My VERY personal opinion, DON'T! If you have an operating system that works for you, leave it be. As my DH used to say, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!" And those are my words to live by, hee hee hee. I still run Windows 2000 Pro very happily on the big computer. This laptop came with XP, and I've grumbled about it for years. I will be dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century, I guess. If the new Windows doesn't actually WASH the windows, hee hee hee, they can keep it. Hugs, M

dlmds by dlmds 05 Dec 2009

Thank you Marji, I have XP. It is doing fine, so fine is great. H&*