by nonmusicmom 01 Dec 2009

i have composed a poem to embroidery with thing about each season and how the seasons change but our love never changes it just grows and grows. I am in need of a small item that represents the wind. Like a cloud with a face that is blowing etc. Any ideas? thanks for your help. Paula. Oh yes my top must be finished by next monday so I must move it.LOL


by jacquipaul 01 Dec 2009

Wish I could help you but don't have a similar design. Best of luck to you. What a lovely quilt!

drgwn by drgwn 01 Dec 2009

I did a google search for you and found this one..maybe it will work. From One LR gal to another!

nonmusicmom by nonmusicmom 01 Dec 2009

Thanks I will go take a look.