by shirlgig 23 Nov 2009

Is that pretty Xmas font all done? It's the blue background with white letters. I think I must have missed some.


by gerryvb 24 Nov 2009

well your answer is already here, so * for you1

by mops Moderator 24 Nov 2009

It was first offered in 2007 and was now voted for between new alphabets. With the merry font just started you won't be able to get it now, I'm afraid. You could buy individual letters you need, the whole alphabet (that's cheaper if you miss a lot) or buy a membership - that's worth it as you can download all designs on the site for 6 months.

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michele921 by michele921 24 Nov 2009

was it 07 were has the time gone LOL I know I missed 2 letters but I have planned on getting a membership to get them and any other letters I have missed it's just that everytime memberships have gone on sale I wasn't set in the money dept. hoping they would have another sale before xmas

by michele921 23 Nov 2009

that was last years xmas alpha. the letters were just being voted for. you can purchase them indvidually or buy a membership to download what ever you like

by nannakay 23 Nov 2009

I'm with you. To make things worse, I missed the first one - the A!