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Letter Y

Design #: 386335
Price: $1.00
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Size (in): 3.94"(w) x 3.82"(h)
Size (mm): 100 x 97
Stitches: 4500
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y firebirdfont
kereme by kereme 24 Jun 2011

Śliczne, dziękuje:)

raedonnal by raedonnal 24 Jun 2011

Thank you

awesome1 by awesome1 23 Jun 2011

Thank you.

mysugarfootswife by mysugarfootswife 23 Jun 2011


elvira by elvira 23 Jun 2011


anniem by anniem 23 Jun 2011

Thanks so much!

trudyk by trudyk 23 Jun 2011

Thank you so much for this beautiful "Y":-)

joquilty by joquilty 23 Jun 2011

I love the firebird font. Thanks. I always wondered how people left comments on here. Just found out how. I missed a few of the first letters. Phooey

markus by markus 23 Jun 2011

Thank you

light by light 23 Jun 2011

Thank you!

blueeyedblonde by blueeyedblonde 23 Jun 2011


barbarafay by barbarafay 23 Jun 2011

Thank you, thank you, this really is the prettiest font. Much appreciated.

a1lotte by a1lotte 23 Jun 2011

Thank you!

remko25 by remko25 23 Jun 2011


jnieb by jnieb 23 Jun 2011

Please Help Me Vote~For Missing Letters~ CuteBabyFont 'Z'is for Zebra, Butterfly 'V', FunnyTrain 'B', Merry Christmas Font 'R' ~Thanks for your help!

mariya159 by mariya159 23 Jun 2011


lidaalek by lidaalek 23 Jun 2011

Большое Спасибо!!

susiesembroidery by susiesembroidery 23 Jun 2011

Thank you very m uch. Lovely, as always. Susie.*** for u

starlizard by starlizard 23 Jun 2011

Thank you!

claude by claude 23 Jun 2011


gatorlady61 by gatorlady61 23 Jun 2011

Beautiful. Thank you.

sewdeb by sewdeb 23 Jun 2011

Thanks so much.

booggee by booggee 23 Jun 2011

Thank you, thank you, thank you.
I have been waiting fot this letter for a long time. You guys are great.

azette by azette 30 Mar 2010

Merci beaucoup

mylli by mylli 30 Mar 2010

Thank you!!!

rostanti by rostanti 30 Mar 2010

Thanks.......Terima kasih

catsnhorses by catsnhorses 30 Mar 2010

Beautiful! Beautiful! I just love this alpha. I'm also hoping for a few 'repeat' letters. As well as (hopefully) tomorrow's Z, I'd love to see the A, B, and C again.

beatie58 by beatie58 30 Mar 2010

thank you

zedna by zedna 29 Mar 2010

Thanks heaps..the only one i have missed so far is the "A"

tatiana by tatiana 29 Mar 2010

Merci beaucoup!!

ygarrone by ygarrone 29 Mar 2010

Thanks for this beautiful alphabet - have only missed the L so far and I vote every day for it. Fingers crossed I can still get it. Yvonne

roslyn by roslyn 29 Mar 2010

Thank you

moonlightflower71 by moonlightflower71 29 Mar 2010

Thank you! Grazie

a1lotte by a1lotte 29 Mar 2010

Thank you

babsie by babsie 29 Mar 2010

Thanks for the Firebird font. I think this one takes the no 1 spot as far as fonts go.

sigrun by sigrun 29 Mar 2010

Thank you

kuttage by kuttage 29 Mar 2010

Thank you

ladyboo by ladyboo 29 Mar 2010


avreuls by avreuls 29 Mar 2010

Heel mooi is dit firebirtfond.
Ik hoop dat de letters:A-C-I en J nog komen voor jullie er mee stoppen.
Helaas weet ik niet hoe ik moet stemmen.
Graag uitleg.
Alvast bedankt.

karink by karink 29 Mar 2010


bielie by bielie 29 Mar 2010

Can you please vote for the A. It is the only one I missed. Thank you.

milena by milena 20 Oct 2007

Per favore le lettere G,I,K,N,O.Per FAVORE pER FAVORE

annette57 by annette57 20 Oct 2007

s'il vous plait la lettre I et G

sunnyfla by sunnyfla 20 Oct 2007

Please tell us how we can get the Firebird letters we are missing? Thank you.

celticlady1031 by celticlady1031 17 Oct 2007

This entire font is beautiful. Can't wait to start the next one. Thank you.

butterflyluvr26 by butterflyluvr26 16 Oct 2007

Would anyone that needs the Firebirdfont letter "M" please vote. If anyone has a free vote that was able to collect all of this beautiful font please vote for the letter "M". It's the only one missing and I would love to use it for my Grandaughter's name.

olinda1 by olinda1 16 Oct 2007

Ik mis de letter X nog en zou het graag compleet willen hebben.
Bijvoorbaad dank.

meemaws6 by meemaws6 16 Oct 2007

WooHoo!!!!!!!!!!!Thank you, thank you. Now I have them all. Beautiful alphabet/font

yendor by yendor 16 Oct 2007

need the P please put it up again before you quit this alpha thank you

vinga by vinga 16 Oct 2007

This may be my last change, please vote for the N. Many thanks.

ledanixon by ledanixon 16 Oct 2007

Thank you.

mamasandy by mamasandy 16 Oct 2007

Wow, I am missing the A,M,P. I thought only the A. Bummer, how can I vote for these please. I love this alpha. It is the best by far as you probably know from the others.

mamasandy by mamasandy 16 Oct 2007

How do we vote for a letter that we missed?

mamasandy by mamasandy 16 Oct 2007

This is the prettiest alpha ever, but I missed the A

milena by milena 16 Oct 2007


gonefishing by gonefishing 16 Oct 2007

This font is one of the Prettiest one I seen and Just Wanted To Say THANKS , gonefishing

mac1936 by mac1936 13 Oct 2007


meemaws6 by meemaws6 13 Oct 2007

Y oh Y did I miss Y :( Thought I had them all. Well, did my computer eat this one too?

milena by milena 05 Oct 2007

"C" "D" "E" "F" "G" "N" PER FAVORE per favore per favore. Grazie grazie grazie

culverkeys by culverkeys 05 Oct 2007

These letters are so beautiful and I joined late therefore I have missed most of them. Can we go through them again in the very near future!

ramona by ramona 05 Oct 2007

I would love to see "P" again please

soandsew by soandsew 05 Oct 2007

I need the "H" so bad. Please redo.

mdianne by mdianne 05 Oct 2007

Please vote for "D" -- it's the only letter that I still need. Thanks

mermaid by mermaid 05 Oct 2007

All we need now is the "Z".

becky3909p by becky3909p 05 Oct 2007

Can we please vote for the "H" again ?????

mermaid by mermaid 05 Oct 2007

Y-Yes, it's Beautiful! ThankYou!

marrion by marrion 05 Oct 2007

wow I love them I need the J & K lets work together and vote for the ones people need.
I check every day its so much fun

tmbache by tmbache 04 Oct 2007

Y its absolutely beautiful!!!!!!THANK YOU

inahug by inahug 04 Oct 2007

please redo the C since I missed that one.
Sure would appreciate it.
Thank you

ghislaine by ghislaine 04 Oct 2007

beautiful. can you do the H again please thanks

sandralochran by sandralochran 04 Oct 2007

Thank You

me72704 by me72704 04 Oct 2007

is there any way to get the letter d. Can you buy just the one letter. I have all the others
Thank You
[ Please not share your email ]

quiltgrama by quiltgrama 04 Oct 2007

Imisses the v can we vote for it again thanks lisa

seamripper40 by seamripper40 04 Oct 2007

thank you for the y. its beautiful like the rest of them.

macleay by macleay 04 Oct 2007

Thank you

hunybear1 by hunybear1 04 Oct 2007

Thank you so much.

bsherrill by bsherrill 04 Oct 2007

Thanks for the beautiful font. Could everyone vote for the C and D again, I missed these two.

a1lotte by a1lotte 04 Oct 2007

Thank you very nice

sue44parsons by sue44parsons 04 Oct 2007

Very elegant looking

luiginadg by luiginadg 04 Oct 2007

Thank you very nice

snaffles by snaffles 04 Oct 2007

Please vote for V which I missed.

anna25775 by anna25775 04 Oct 2007

thank you so much for this beautiful Y!

bigrig940 by bigrig940 04 Oct 2007

Thank you

butterflyluvr26 by butterflyluvr26 04 Oct 2007

Thanks so much for this beautiful font! I have all but the letter "M". Will you be repeating it since it's not offered to vote for...Thanks!!!

ledanixon by ledanixon 04 Oct 2007

Beautiful. Thanks

280449 by 280449 04 Oct 2007


maeeast by maeeast 04 Oct 2007

Yes! Yes! Yes! Thank you!

prudience by prudience 04 Oct 2007

I believe I like the firebird alphabet the best yet. soooooo beautiful. Thank you.

celticlady1031 by celticlady1031 04 Oct 2007

Just beautiful like all the others. Thank you.

kira by kira 04 Oct 2007

bedankt voor de mooie letters

bootsmcgill by bootsmcgill 04 Oct 2007

Awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thank you , Carrol

kalif by kalif 04 Oct 2007

thank you.

sandavis28 by sandavis28 04 Oct 2007

Thank you!

ritageysen by ritageysen 04 Oct 2007

dank u

sandavis28 by sandavis28 04 Oct 2007

When will the Y be available for download? We only have two letters to go!

sanjoy51 by sanjoy51 04 Oct 2007

Love it thanks

codessa by codessa 03 Oct 2007

I wondered how it was going to look. Love it thanks.

anna25775 by anna25775 03 Oct 2007

I can't help falling in love with this Y! It's so wonderful!

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