by migs 14 Nov 2009

You cuties hv been putting up some beautiful projects; I enjoy looking at them very much. Some of you hv a good start on Xmas. Thank you all for sharing your lovely work with us.


by gerryvb 15 Nov 2009

yes it's nice to see the updates.But I agree with Shirlene, they belong in the Freebies part.

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migs by migs 15 Nov 2009

yes, it seems we can stray at times but on the whole pretty good :)

by shirlener88 15 Nov 2009

Yes, thank you - but they still need to be posted in the FREEBIE section. I have notcied alot of them slipping back into this section. *4U

by dollygk 15 Nov 2009

I TOO thank those who pinpoint the freebies for us, doing a good job!