by ssarner 13 Nov 2009

Oh, she is so slick. THe monitor is huge. There are two light. Check it out.


by gerryvb 15 Nov 2009

wow, that's realy great,wish it was mine, cannot compare it with my home-embroidery machine.hope you can get it,one day.

by shirlener88 14 Nov 2009

Soi, you surely could trade in yours and get a good discount on this one - I love it - wished I had the money for one like this - I would sure enjoy working with it, too. Thanks for sharing it. *4U

by mel08 13 Nov 2009

Kinda like what I ordered tho I got the Brother PR650
with all the whistles and bells...should be delivered next week !..and I didn't have to go to Birmingham to get it.

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ssarner by ssarner 13 Nov 2009

Smart way to shop. Love it when the delivery man rings the door bell.

by designgirl 13 Nov 2009

Looks like a nice machine. I have a Janome MB4 which is much the same. The babylock has 6 needles and 4 different hoops. Mine has 4 needles and 3 hoops. Are you thinking of getting one? Lynn.

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ssarner by ssarner 13 Nov 2009

I had both Babylock BMP6 6 needles and Happy 15 needles. After seeing the new model, seriously thinking to trade.