by rubyjo 02 Oct 2007

I have a janome memory craft 9000. I'm really keen on getting different styles of fonts (especially fun kid style fonts). I have no idea how I'm meant to get these fonts for my MC9000? Help!!


by cutiepie 03 Oct 2007

One important thing to note is that the designs you will download from sites like this are not FONTS, but rather ALPHABETS. The difference is that true fonts will be able to be actually "typed" in your machine (in the case of a card) or can be "typed" in your software using the keyboard. Obviously, the font would need to be made especially for your software, whatever type it happens to be. That is why true fonts are much more expensive than alphabets. *****************
An alphabet is just a design set of 26 (or perhaps more) individual designs that just happen to be in the form of letters of the alphabet. You can not "type" in the designs, and you need to have some sort of software to merge them into words. That said, you can find some wonderful alphabets on the web ( has several good ones) and they tend to be relatively inexpensive. I am not very familiar with the MC9000, but I believe that it uses memory cards to add additional designs to your library. In that case, you will need to obtain a card reader/writer and writable memory card, as Freida suggested, to be able to use any of the designs you get from the internet. Remember that there is NO way to permanantly add designs to your machine, so they will just be temporarily placed on the writable card when you need them and then can be deleted. ************ Now for my little "public service announcement," also known as my favorite "soap box" lecture: SAVE ALL YOUR DESIGNS SOMEWHERE SAFE, AND ALWAYS REMEMBER TO BACK THEM UP! Writable CDs are a good method of storage, both for the original and for the back-up. As too many people can attest, it isn't a case of WILL your computer have problems, but WHEN will your computer have problems. Save yourself some heartache and back up EVERYTHING that you woudn't want to lose.

by freida 02 Oct 2007

Hi, Rubyjo, you can buy memory cards with preloaded fonts. Which is the quickest way. Or you can purchase a card reader/writer and purchase or obtain freebies like the ones on this site and download them to your card via the reader. Be sure the brand you purchase is compatible with the format your machine uses. Good luck and happy sewing. Freida