by redhat 08 Nov 2009

I meant to request a Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Design to do the quilting on a quilt. Thank you.


by sewmom 09 Nov 2009

I was trying to find you a link to a post I made before but I couldn't find the right one. Here are some links to posts and designs.
Uniquely you has an outline that might be good for quilting

by carolvm 09 Nov 2009

Hi it's Carol again. Have you tried Land of 1000 stitches forum search feature ? Lots there too.

by carolvm 09 Nov 2009

Hi have you tried and used their search feature. It will help you find alot of breast cancer designs. It really helped me when I was looking for the same designs. Good luck

by bokkieborduur 09 Nov 2009

You got a pm

by meganne 09 Nov 2009

Have you tried doing a search using Google?

If I wasn't so sore from my latest surgery I would hunt for you, but I must go back and lay down for a while.
There are many free designs out there, so good luck in your hunt.

Of course you could always buy some pink ribbon, stitch it onto a block and embroider some lovely rose designs over part of it. I saw this done on a hanky recently and the result was gorgeous.
Hugs n Roses, Meganne

by uscmom 08 Nov 2009 has breast cancer designs.

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redhat by redhat 08 Nov 2009

Thank you for the website. I have tried to access the site but comes back "not able to locate" THank You.