by troopbaker 03 Nov 2009

Can you help me get the rest of the happy winter fonts that I need. I would hate to have to delete all the ones I have.


by marjialexa Moderator 04 Nov 2009

New alphabets are given one letter a day according to the vote, and I've not seen a time here at Cute when the whole alphabet hasn't been given. Once it's been gone thru, sometimes there's time to vote for letters people missed, sometimes not. I've not seen a whole alphabet re-run in the alphabet section. I'm not sure I understand why you need to delete the ones you have, though. They are certainly still useful for some names, or may be in the future. I have lots of partial alphabets. Maybe I'm the only one? Well, whatever, enjoy the free designs you did get, and you're welcome. Hugs, Marji

by harmzen 04 Nov 2009

fustrating when you miss one. More even when the computer bomb out and you lost some info. Luckily somebody help and recoverd my stuff. I visit the site 2 to 3 times just to make sure I don't miss any. Difficult with different time zone's Here in South Africa the design's change around 5:00pm. Good luck to you. Elize

by denise5332 04 Nov 2009

If you go back to page 2 of the Alphabet designs you will see that the Happy Winter font is available in a pack which includes the entire alphabet and it is $15. All of the letters were available for free daily until it was finished. You may still have time to vote and watch for the ones that you missed. The membership is a very good deal, especially if you can get it on sale. The last time it was less than $25 and you can go back and pick up the ones you missed. That is a terrific bargain for the quality of designs that you get. I know it is upsetting when you miss a letter and, in my case, it always seems to be the one I want. Hope this helps. Denise

by meganne 04 Nov 2009

They were definitely all posted in sequence, as Cuties who visited every day and collected the full set will attest to. I missed one day so didn't get the "F" but i'm not whinging because $1 for a design nothing considering the time and work it takes to digitise them.

When Miss Veronika puts the membership on special it is truly the best one worth buying as it runs for a full six months and you can download everything from designs, alphabet, redwork, lace, cross stitch and applique, that is on this site and every new design that is added during the six months.

$45 for thousands of designs (of this quality) is already so cheap, when the fee is put on sale you are getting a steal.

You can always tell your family you would like a six months subscription for Christmas and get everyone to give you some money towards it.

Hugs n roses, Meganne

by clawton 03 Nov 2009

Sorry you did not get all of the alphabet. The winter font had actually gone through each letter previously for free. There was a time span that no new font was being offered so many of the letters were available again when the voting was high enough. You must have come on board when it was running for a second time for a short while. The paid membership is really a good deal. You get everything you want from the site for that 6 months. Watch for the membership to go on sale. There is usually a discount around holidays. Good luck.

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troopbaker by troopbaker 03 Nov 2009

Can't do the membership at this is tight here

by peardrop 03 Nov 2009

I live in Michigan and if I try for the designs before 11am, I miss them. She does put the new one up every day, but you have watch the time. If it hasn't changed, you have to revisit the site later the same day.

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troopbaker by troopbaker 03 Nov 2009

Thanks. I come everyday and recieve a newsletter from cute embroidery monthly. As soon as the letter came I came right to the site and have not missed a day. But now there is a new font and I can't seem to get the rest of what I need. Thanks for your reply.

by mmgreyhounds 03 Nov 2009

I understand your frustration. I rarely manage to get the whole font. Something always happens. The free designs are voted on each day. Veronica, the owner of the web site does not choose the designs that are given away. You can send a private message to quiltgrama, she is currently coordinating the voting requests and maybe they will come up again.
You can also buy them for only $1 each or you could get a paid membership and then you can download all of the designs.

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troopbaker by troopbaker 03 Nov 2009

Guess I am not going to get the full set either. it is so cute. Money being tight can't afford them so will have to let it go.
Have a great day.

by ichbines 03 Nov 2009

Thanks for this posting.... I still need the same including k and o! Please repeat the missing ones!