by tonilee 30 Oct 2009

I'm new at all this, got my e.m. & p.c. in March never had either and I'm 65, oh had the nerve to pierce my ears, first time, i'm raddling on, so here is my question.what are the best Yahoo grs.


by quiltgrama 01 Nov 2009

Welcome to the family. Hope you enjoy it here. Share your stories and show your projects.

by jrob Moderator 01 Nov 2009

Just wanted to add my, "Welcome, I'm glad you are here."

by meganne 01 Nov 2009

Hi Toni and welcome to the Cute family.

Unlike many other Cuties, I do find it well worth being a member of some Yahoo groups.

I suggest you search Yahoo groups for those specific to the kind of machine you own as they are usually moderated by someone very experienced in those machines (quite often ex-company employees) and all members will have the same machine and be able to answer, and help solve, any problems you may have.
Another group I recommend would be one that is specific to the kind of embroidery software you have, for the same reasons as above.

Then of course there are embroidery digitiser groups, some are really fantastic and some have too many (off topic) conversations and you can feel very left out.

I can highly recommend Love'sEmbroidery group as one of which I most enjoy being a member.

Barbara Love is most generous with her designs, which are beautifully digitised, and we have regular projects we all take part in doing, the last one was a Christmas lap quilt, the next one will be a man type quilt. And Barb digitises and supplies the designs.

When you join a group you have a chice of how you can receive messages, either as individual emails, daily digests or special messages only, and some groups require you definitely don't go "no mail" without express permission.

I hope you find this info helpful.
Hugs n roses, Meganne

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marjialexa by marjialexa 01 Nov 2009

Well, me, too, Meganne. I enjoy the digitizers' groups to learn, and the machine groups to learn also. I like the groups that don't have a lot of off topic chatter, but then their purpose is to teach and learn, anyway. Thanks, hugs, Marji

by alexgrandma 01 Nov 2009

I come to Cuties to get my questions answered and to help others but I do use some yahoo groups for designs. The YummyFactory has a free alphabet font. The embroidery garden right now has a really cute towel design for Xmas. Rickys Embroidery design is doing a baby alpha design. It has the letters A - K right now. I use 2 email addresses. I have my regular email and one for embroidery.

by harmzen 01 Nov 2009

Welcome to our site, this is much more user friendly than any other group. Here is more than enough dear cuties to answer any questions and designs. Please complete your profile as it is awesome to see where everybody is from. Maybe you will be lucky enough to meet other cuties in person like we have done already.

by mysticrainbow 31 Oct 2009

wow I just got involved in machine embroidery a year or so ago and enjoy this site. I am amazed at the number of people over 60 (which I am also). It kind of does my heart good to know I'm not alone in this new adventure. Everyone is right. This place is great and ask a question and get an answer almost immediately. The free designs are wonderful. Since my funds are extremely limited I have not purchased a membership but that would be a great thing to have, for sure. Welcome and good luck.

by asterixsew Moderator 31 Oct 2009

Welcome to Cute and like the others this is the place to be. Happy sewing

by iris2006 31 Oct 2009

Welcome to Cute and enjoy and learn.

by babsie 31 Oct 2009

Welcome, you're at the right group now, no need to wander to Yahoo groups. I had my ears also pierced (for the 2nd time) at 65 because when I retired I got 2 sets of pierced earings from friends and one asked me to please wear hers, so I had them pierced again, wore clipons for years, so we are not to old to learn new things. Enjoy it.

by claudenicolas 31 Oct 2009

Cute Family is the best place of all. Welcome to you, and come here often with us!

by dlmds 31 Oct 2009

Toni, I am so pleased that you have found the "Cute Family". A big "Welcome" to you. I am 70 think I have been doing the EM. and computer about 3 years. It is all just a new learning process. We all had to start at the beginning, however, you will learn. I wandered the different forums and sites for awhile until I found my wonderful family here. There is talent galore here, and they are very great about sharing their knowledge. Just ask for any help you need and you will get it. I do not do Yahoo groups they are too much trouble. Guess, I am lazy, as I like easy in some things. Haha!! It is so much easier to just ask my family here. Hugs and another flower for you.

by dollygk 31 Oct 2009

All these Cuties have given their answers and I NOW fully agree with them, Cutie is the only place you will need to join!
Welcome and I hope you will fall in love with your embroidery as much as I have!!

by free3wil 31 Oct 2009

Never too late to get out there and do what you want to do! you go girl! Have fun with both computer and embroidery machine! You will not have time to eat or anything now, or will eat in front of one of the machines. Let us know how you enjoy it! Welcome to Cute !

by annita1 31 Oct 2009

welkom tot de groep , de plezante verslaving begint !

by designgirl 31 Oct 2009

Hello, and welcome to the Cute site. I don't do the yahoo sites either. I have a paid membership to this site only. You can receive great advise and help right here. I am in my 60's also and started machine embroidery December,07. I love it. Hope to see you here often. *4U Lynn from Ontario Canada.

by pennifold 31 Oct 2009

Hi there and welcome Toni - I don't frequent Yahoo groups very much have only really visited one and I prefer Cute to anything else on the www. I hope you can learn to navigate around this site. There are lots of tutorials in the blue writing to the left of these posts that Marji and Veronika (the site owner) have done. Everyone on this website are the best in the world. They all give freely of their time and talents.

God bless and a big Aussie welcome from me - love and blessings Chris

by waterlily 31 Oct 2009

Welcome to Cute! And welcome to the world of Machine embroidery! You are going to have so much fun creating so many wonderful projects.

by shirlener88 31 Oct 2009

tonilee, WELCOME to the CUTE family - the yahoo groups are vast and many - too many to say which would be the best - but nonetheless - you have come here - not by chance we think. Please come back on get involved in the chatter here and learn how to navigate the site and get to know us, too. Have fun and before too long - you will know - this as your home and will wonder what took you so long to find it. Hehehe! Any questions, just ask. *4U Shirlene

by lbrow 31 Oct 2009

Toni I am not a Yahooer, Cutes is enough for me. Congratulations on your EM & CP. I am in my 70s & just started 3-4 yrs ago. I truly am addicted. welcome to the Cute site we r glad to have you with us & hope you stay around awhile. A more worthwhile bunch of folks you'll not find anywhere else. We are here to help, mentor & encourage & ans. questions. Again a hearty welcome. *

by camylow 31 Oct 2009

We don't need yahoo goups...we got each other...WELCOME TO THE CUTE're gonna come to love us...Ask and you will get an answer...request prayer, and the prayer warriors will light up for you.....we give and we get here....Miss Veronika has graciously created this beautiful site to gather new friends and learn from each other....heres a flower to add to your bouquet....Have a wonderful time with us...deanna

by crafter2243 Moderator 31 Oct 2009

I don't know much about Yahoo Groups. I only want to let you know that you sound like a gal after my own heart and wanted to say.......

by ezzemml 31 Oct 2009

I personally don't bother with yahoo all the infomation i need is here on cute and if it is't i only have to ask. and as freebies go there is enough here or enough direction here where to find any and if you are looking for a particular design or some where to find thread or bargains the cuties here will oblige you only have to ask.There is always some one to answer...