by ddoersch 26 Oct 2009

Has anyone seen a FSl teacup or teapot?

Thanks... Darlene


by oigelcox 22 May 2012

hi I bought mine from Ace points on Origan Patch Work. Cups in one set Teapot in matching set. Hugs Joyce

by bevintex 21 May 2012

teapot and cup

by chattypenny 21 May 2012

Here's a very cute freebie from Sharyl at Stitched impressions.

by gerryb 26 Oct 2009 has a fsl cup and teapot ornament if that's what you are looking for. It's sorta hard to find, but it IS there! Hope this helps.

bevintex by bevintex 26 Oct 2009

type it in the search box,comes right up

debleerl by debleerl 26 Oct 2009

I hunted but couldn't find them:(

bobbies by bobbies 26 Oct 2009

Look under personalized FSL - I know it is there because I bought it last week!!!!

ddoersch by ddoersch 28 Oct 2009

Thank you, I found it...

by trovato 26 Oct 2009

like to know too, yvonne