by waterlily 23 Oct 2009

SO....I would like to challenge everyone to make something strictly for their own enjoyment. AND...I would love to see the everyone's project posted in the Project section.


by lbrow 24 Oct 2009

I take your challenge & I'll post the Halloween shirt I made for myself last week. Will go & post it now. *4U

by abeille78 24 Oct 2009

Why not...
I always do things for friends or familly... not really for me.
But to give someone a very personnal gift is a so real pleasure!
Yes I wil do something for me. I think one little wallhanging. Last month I do my first one for my cousin and now I would like to have one in my sewing room to decorate (all is blank!). I will start...

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waterlily by waterlily 24 Oct 2009

GREAT! I'm glad that you already know what you want to do!

by grandmamek 24 Oct 2009

good idea. But I will have to wait till after Christmas. All my time is taken up now for things for other people.

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waterlily by waterlily 24 Oct 2009

I understand what you mean. I had plenty ot things I had to do for others, too. I just went with a selfish moment!

by free3wil 24 Oct 2009

Hey, what a great idea. The only things I keep for myself is things that I am not totally happy with. I have made towels that maybe the colors are not right, etc., and even though the initial is not mine, I use it. You know what they say, waste not, want not, so I have several hand towels. I am going to make myself something, as soon as I finish all the things that are on my "to do" list! Maybe something for spring?

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waterlily by waterlily 24 Oct 2009

You poor dear! Getting stuck with the cast offs! But I understand about the not wanting to waste anything.

by claudenicolas 24 Oct 2009

Good idea!!!I have my machine since nearly 5 years, and I have not yet do anything for me, Just only gift for all those I love, and it give me much joy.In french, we say "s'offrir la joie d'offrir" that is "to offer to myself the joy to offer"
But it would be good to do something for myself: I wish to have the time to make an embroidery on a sweatshirt in polar for me!!!!Yes I will post it in projects when it will be done ...but when???

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waterlily by waterlily 24 Oct 2009

Hopefully we will see your project soon!

by tessiemarie 24 Oct 2009

i am in the process of making curtains for my sewing room. i got the sunbonnet sewing from julia needle design. have to post a pic when finished.

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waterlily by waterlily 24 Oct 2009

Good for you! I can't wait to see them !

by katydid 23 Oct 2009

Good idea!! I agree we mostly embroidery for others. The cobblers family has no shoes!!

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waterlily by waterlily 24 Oct 2009

How true! But I admit that I have made plenty of stuff for the family members..Just not usually for myself.

by mad14kt 23 Oct 2009

I make 99.9% projects for myself and 1% gifts for my friends/family ;D *2U

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waterlily by waterlily 24 Oct 2009

That's great! I just usually can't think of things I want for myself.

by lenamae 23 Oct 2009

Ok but I will have to wait until I get machine back

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waterlily by waterlily 24 Oct 2009

I hope you get it back very soon! When I first got my new machine I had to send it back three times. It really ticked me off! I hope you get satisfaction!

by crafter2243 Moderator 23 Oct 2009

That sounds great if is would be after Christmas. Right now I need all the time for gifts.

waterlily by waterlily 24 Oct 2009

Oh Yeah! I kind of forgot about that. WOW! Now I feel selfish for making that sweatshirt for myself. LOL!

michelej by michelej 24 Oct 2009