by waterlily 23 Oct 2009

I'm not sure how stable it will be and if it will keep it's shape nicely for the tissue box cover. I had thought of possibly using cloth place mats and cutting the pieces out?? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


by ezzemml 25 Oct 2009

I make hot pads or pot stands with pure cotton to the size required
* cut 2 pieces
* right sides together sew 3 sides
*turn to right side.
*sew from open end to closed end rows about thumb
* mix fine clean white sand with cinnomin and pour into channels and sew off each one as filled by hand
when hot pot or pan is placed on it it fills the room with a nice aroma as well as saving yout table top and bench tops.

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waterlily by waterlily 25 Oct 2009

oh! I like this idea! I am gpoing to have to try it!

by read180 24 Oct 2009

I agree with all the other cuties. I use all cotton when making pot holders, and the heat proff filler and cotton wading.
Best of luck with your project, please post when you are finished eager to see them>

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waterlily by waterlily 25 Oct 2009

Thanks for the advice!

by clawton 24 Oct 2009

You have the basic answer to your questions. I would stress using washable fabric for in the kitchen.

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waterlily by waterlily 25 Oct 2009

Thank you!

by shirlener88 23 Oct 2009

Colleen, I see you have great answers - *4U

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waterlily by waterlily 23 Oct 2009

Thanks Shirlene

by meganne 23 Oct 2009

I used ordinary cotton poly for the (pot mit) oven glove - if that is what you call hot pad.

I used a heat proof backing, (the silver type like you find on ironing board covers) and I used wadding as a liner. I embroidered the poly/cotton first, then made the hot pad pot mit.
For the best ideas on tissue box covers you should go and check out the ones on A Stitch a Half, I've added the link below for you.

Oh, and I have an embroidered tissue box cover made from satin, it's absolutely beautiful and wash really well.
Hugs n roses, Meganne

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waterlily by waterlily 23 Oct 2009

Thank you so much for the tips Meganne! I am on my way to A Stitch a Half.

by marjialexa Moderator 23 Oct 2009

For the hot pad you definitely need 100% cotton material, or you run the risk of it melting in the heat, felt would not be good for that, I think. And insul-brite for the filler. Tissue box cover not so picky, as long as it would hold up to being washed. If it's in the kitchen, it's going to collect some greasy dust eventually. How about some nice quilters cotton? Place mats would do well also, if they were cotton and not polyester for the hot pad. Hope you get lots of other information, good luck!! Hugs, Marji

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waterlily by waterlily 23 Oct 2009

Thanks so much Marji! I should have thought of the melting issue with the hot pad! Thanks for making me think about that!