by damaris 21 Oct 2009

Does anyone know what happened to Skeldalehouse state of the Union site? thanks


by sewmom 22 Oct 2009

Here is the group link to join. Have fun with it!

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damaris by damaris 22 Oct 2009

thank you I got it done

by damaris 22 Oct 2009

thank you I will try to join their yahoo group if I can find it

by shirlener88 21 Oct 2009

You just go to the yahoo group list now. *4&

by sewmom 21 Oct 2009

In the email message of Oct. 17th there were big changes announced. You need to sign in to the group to get the url for the group only freebie web page. It's in the files section. The freebie page is wonderful and the State of the Union blocks are there!