by migs 20 Oct 2009

Hi cuties, sorry that I don't reply to all your lovely projects; I think they're all great. I'll try to do better, but forgive me I seem to get tired very easily at times. :)


by gerryvb 21 Oct 2009

take it easy,we're glad you're here. and there are so many projects,in stead of reply start with flowers.but first take your time and rest, so you feel better soon!!

by castelyn 21 Oct 2009

Marg, so nice to hear from you, just take things easy. Don't overdo things and look after yourself - Hugs Yvonne

by daisy530 20 Oct 2009

Take it easy . . . . and feel better soon!

by crafter2243 Moderator 20 Oct 2009

Take care of yourselve first. No need to reply to everything.

by lbrow 20 Oct 2009

Migs dear, the important thing is for u to get to feeling better & get some strength back. Give yourself some time. It will get better. Just look, smile, enjoy & know we are thinking of you. *4U