by mysticrainbow 14 Oct 2009

the community section, freebies section and designs by cuties several times a day and quickly see if there is something new that I should check out. The orange flowers are a wonderful way to know. If there are any others who are facing the same dilema I did a few months ago. I just want to say, give out the flowers, they turn orange and you know immediately when you come back, which ones you have already visited. Thank you for the suggestion a few months ago and I hope this reminder might help someone else now. Plus giving flowers is fun and lets people know they are appreciated, don't you think?


by ken174 14 Oct 2009

brilliant!!!!!!!!! *

by mops Moderator 14 Oct 2009

That's what I do too.
And don't forget you can click the v before the 'by xxx' for questions you would be able to reread later. That way you can find them by sorting 'marked'.

by jacquipaul 14 Oct 2009

Thanks for restating this for the newer folks. Perhaps others have tips and clues for success.

Now when saving designs (especially alphabets) I make a note of what site they came from. That makes it easier if I'm missing a letter to find out where to go to buy the letter.

Another tip; keep a file called alphabet singles. These can be used in a sort of 'ransom' style alphabet using a different letter in the words, or a quilt can be done using only the 'z' of different types, as in zzzzz (snore).

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mysticrainbow by mysticrainbow 14 Oct 2009

That's exactly what I do as well. Took me awhile to figure out how to take care of the alphas and misc. letters but have been using this system for quite some time. Works great.
Great idea to share any tips we each have for saving our files and organizing our files. Every little tidbit is helpful to someone, for sure

by waterlily 14 Oct 2009

That's how I keep track, too. Makes life much easier!

by cathiejones 14 Oct 2009

Thank you for the tip.
I've visited cuteembroidery for a few month now and I just started to give them to show my gratitude to one or the other where before I didn't understand how to use them. Your idea give me a second reason to give them now.
Thank you.

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mysticrainbow by mysticrainbow 14 Oct 2009

That was me in the beginning. Just here and there for whatever reason, now I make it a point to give and it does make life here so much easier. *smile*