by caydebug 13 Oct 2009

very hi temp that lasted until Sunday. And this one hates to take medicine..What a trip that was. Atleast now she is better..Saturday my daughter caught it and was in bed all day. The other grandparents to the two younger gkids came and got them (little one sick and all) and kept them while we doctored Mommy. Sunday oldest gdaughter and myself had it while mommy was feeling better and took care of us. Monday moring the two youngest came home and the middle gchild (the boy) started running a fever in the afternoon so he gets to stay home from school today...Bad, bad headaches associated with this one

All of this in the midst of finding out that a nephew of mine had been here on Friday afternoon and stole a small handgun that had belonged to my Dad and sold it (or traded it) for drugs. This we didn't even find out until Saturday evening so we spent all day Sunday talking to the police. And I had even told Yoriko that I would test out two of the bows for her and I haven't even had the chance to turn on machine (unless it was the washing machine to clean up messes due to the flu). We were really worried due to finding out last week that there are 15 confirmed cases of the swine flu in our school systems...
Yoriko, I am so sorry, and will start on them today..Everything is finally settleing down.. Thanks for listening...I just hope the flu season hasn't hit any of your houses yet...Remember, bleach, lysol and plenty of handwashing..And most of all Lots of Prayers.. Atleast I can still laugh about it lol...for now anyway.
Prayers and many of God's blessings, Libbie


by lbrow 13 Oct 2009

Libbie God bless & try to keep yourself well. This flu is not to be laughed at.*

by jacquipaul 13 Oct 2009

Wow; take care Libbie.
Hope you can all get well soon. Try to relax and take a deep breath; no need to stress.
My prayers are with you and the family.

by manami 13 Oct 2009

Dear friend Libbie,
Please do not worry about the design. First thing come first, and family and health are the first thing! As I wrote to you, I hope everything gets better, and glad to know that everything is settleing down. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Love and blessings to you and yours,

by camylow 13 Oct 2009

I think Libbie, you and I are running courses of life together.....The oldest foster child got it 2 weeks ago...Second one got it the following week....First one got it again (or never really got over it)...Then my turn all last week...I am still on the tail end of it...Dear hubby started complaining and just this morning the very youngest boy complained of soar throat....Definietely bad headaches....bout of dizziness, weak, stuffed head, then the runny noses.....coughing and sneezing.....not the swine flu here, but definitely in the portland metro area...I have to say hot steamy baths, plenty of good rest where you can stay down...lots of liquids, preferebly warm water...helps go through the system faster than cold....I hope you start feeling up to the mark lingers alot longer than what I want it to....deanna

caydebug by caydebug 13 Oct 2009

Yes, I know. I had it last month, only much more severe than this time..My worst thing is the headaches and being very tired..Have so much to do, and just don't have the energy...Oh, well, it will come with time.. As long as the little ones get better, I will survive..I hate it when they are sick..And this swine flu stuff, just the fact that they are in school with it going so bad, we stay on our toes..and they are on ours..Ya know when the little ones are sick, it just doesn't matter if they are almost 7 and weigh 65 lbs.. they still want to be held..and we still do.. we just make them climb into a chair to get into our arms hehe...The oldest had a sore throat also..Mommy has been stuffy, dizzy and fever, the youngest now has the runny nose, but no fever.. the middle one, well he is just starting.. So here goes, lets just pray not another go around...

camylow by camylow 14 Oct 2009

Oh heres a little bad news for you...I thought mine was almost gone and boof its back and harder than ever....ugh....figures I would get it the worst of them.....