by jasanne 07 Oct 2009

My daughter wanted a pencil case. She chose the fabric and the designs, then picked out the colours she wanted it stitched out in.... and let me have no peace till I had finished it... and posted it on Cute!


by marlakay 07 Oct 2009

Soooooooooo cute! Great job. I'm guessing that you used WSS on top?

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jasanne by jasanne 07 Oct 2009

yes, wss on top and sticky underneath.

by shirlener88 07 Oct 2009

Great job! *4U

by annita1 07 Oct 2009

dit is echt iets voor meisjes , mooi!!

by manami 07 Oct 2009

Lianne, this is darling! I wonder if was difficult to embroider on this kind of fabric. Do you use WSS on top? I love it!

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jasanne by jasanne 07 Oct 2009

Thankyou. First I brush the fabric so the pile is laying flat nicely. Then I used sticky stabilizer underneath which seems to hold it in place well and the thin wss on top to keep the pile down. I only tried sticky stabilizer for the first time recently as I had read a lot of negatives on it, but it works well for some things, like this and those fiddly things like baby clothes that are just impossible to get in a hoop.

by ezzemml 07 Oct 2009

How sweet.

by castelyn 07 Oct 2009

This is so cute, well done, Jasanne *4u