by mandor64 06 Oct 2009

Dear cuties, hope you can assist. I need to purchase a new steam iron. Have been using for almost 15 yrs the "Laura Star". 5 yrs ago it cost us A$ 300 just to replace the boiler. The problem now might be expensive to fix again. Have done a lot of research for a "normal" iron, but more I look more I get confused. I do ironing once a fortnight, but for a whole day (hate to start, but love doing it.. ha..). I iron "everything"! Sorry, liked the pressed look when I open my drawers... he.. Any suggestions, please. Thanks a million, Mary


by marjialexa Moderator 07 Oct 2009

Wow, an iron with a separate water tank? How big is this thing? I have a Rowenta, too. I don't iron "professionally", some of you guys have me beat all hollow. My mom ironed my dad's underwear, if that counts. Good luck, whatever you decide to purchase, there are some interesting answers here. Hugs, Marji

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mandor64 by mandor64 08 Oct 2009

Dear Marji, I used to buy a new iron every 1 1/2 yrs. The Laura Star has a 750 mls water tank (steam for 2 hrs) - attached on the Xover section of the legs of the ironing board - and survived for almost 15 yrs. So, in a way my hubby ment it well, the costs spread over the yrs made it worthwile. Only problem - paying in advance the whole amount! Thanks, Mary

by daisy530 07 Oct 2009


(1) Stop ironing all those shirts and pants and focus on embroidery!
(2) Invest in a good clothes dryer.
(3) Teach your kids to iron (the younger the better) Just get them some of those BBQ gloves to protect their itzy bitzy hands and have them go at it! They'll thank you for it later--right EZZEMML?

When I first got married, I ironed my husbands undershirts! Yes, his underwear drawer looked good, but where did it get me? I think I was competing with his mom! I bet he wouldn't even rememeber that his mom ironed his undies!

Now seriously--even tho I have a Rowenta, I only bought it because it was super cheap at Tuesday Morning. They heat up when you turn them on, and shoot out steam when you push the button.

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mandor64 by mandor64 08 Oct 2009

Hello dearest daisy530, my kids should have had YOU as a mother! They are spoiled rotten and not appreciating all my hubby and I do for them. I am now 22 years married and I still iron "everything" ... hhhmmm... singlets and all... ha.. !! Have not been able to locate a Rowenta here in Australia. Yes, you are right... I have not done any embroidery for a long time now! In re to clothes dryer, I wash and hang straightaway to avoid wrinkles - and to safe the environment by not using the dryer too often. Thanks again! Mary - PS. Don't think I didn't listen to you... I WILL teach my kids from NOW ON TO iron! ... he..

by jrob Moderator 07 Oct 2009

I agree with Linda. If I don't have my Rowenta, I don't iron! My iron stays set up all of the time just beside my machine. I press everything before I embroider on it and then afterwards. I also iron several hours per week. I bought the Rowenta Professional. It is amazing and has tons of steam.;)

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mandor64 by mandor64 07 Oct 2009

Done some research. Haven't seen your brand here in Aus. My godness... you iron several hours per week??? Even during summer??? I would DIE!!! ... ha... Mary

by lflanders 07 Oct 2009

I have had 3 Rowenta's. They can not be beat! The first one I had I did not give very much for and I damaged it moving it from the house to the craft store. I was careless. I bought a very nice one after that and if came to Atlanta with my son when he moved out sooooo I went and got another one just like it. It is 6/7 yrs old and still works great. If and when I have to buy another one I am going to get a Rowenta steam generator. To me, Rowenta is top of the line and you do not have to keep replacing them, that is, unless you have children moving out on their own that need an iron. When my son left home he did not have to buy a single thing to move into his new apt. except his personal things. He even left my home with boxes of groceries and ice chest full of meat.
I had a steam generator that I purchased from HSN a long time ago and I loved it but it tore up and I sent it back to Mgf. and had it fixed. It was not long before it was gone again. They would not fix it the 2nd time. I gave almost $200.00 for it. I never got my money's worth out of it. I do not remember the brand name. I liked it so much that I mourned the loss of it! heehee

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mandor64 by mandor64 07 Oct 2009

Wow,... you are just like my mum! Very loving and caring... Your "kids" are very lucky - hope they know!! Thanks for your advise. Mary

by edithfarminer 07 Oct 2009

Hi Mary, do not know Irons in america, but I would never buy anything else but an iron with a seperate water tank. The difference is just unbelievable.
You get heaps of steam and makes ironing SO MUCH BETTER AND EASIER and quicker lol.
good luck Edith

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mandor64 by mandor64 07 Oct 2009

Thanks Edith, I know what you are talking about, my Laura Star has got a separate water tank. Only problem is when they break down it cost a packet to fix. Mary

by ezzemml 07 Oct 2009

I have 3 irons and 2 daughters I decided years ago i was allergic to ironing and i blamed it all on my mum guess my girls will blame it on me also but one just loves to iron she even asked for her own ironing board and iron for christmas one year. And you know she got it.

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mandor64 by mandor64 07 Oct 2009

... ha.. you make me laugh!!! The only thing I am allergic to is... doing nothing! ... he.. I am always busy one way or another! Guess what... I got this from my mum.. ha.. Mary

by shirlener88 07 Oct 2009

Mary LQQK ------------>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> there are some ads to the right - maybe one of them would be just what you are looking for. Hehehe!

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mandor64 by mandor64 07 Oct 2009

Dear Shirlene, I prefer to buy at the shop where I know I will get service should any problem arise. Thank you! Mary

by camylow 07 Oct 2009

I just have a cheap little ole iron...Personally I hate to iron...I also have a clothes steamer that works really well....You are just steaming the wrinkles out instead...hang it up and let the steam dampness dry...presto, no hot iron to worry about....

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mandor64 by mandor64 07 Oct 2009

I hate those wrinkles... Wished we were magic... ha.. Mary

by memasanders 07 Oct 2009

I have a black and decker auot shut off steam iron i bought at Walmart i love mine too.

blhamblen by blhamblen 07 Oct 2009

Mine just died!!yesterday....was about 7 yrs old!

mandor64 by mandor64 07 Oct 2009

There is almost nothing Black & Decker doesn't do ...!? ... ha.. Thanks, Mary

Sorry to hear about yours blhamblen. But not bad for 7 yrs. Mary

stork by stork 07 Oct 2009

My Black & Decker died two months ago - burned itself out...called the co and they replaced it with a new one...I have often used them because I can't afford the Rowenta's...I do like my B & D. It's hard finding one. Good luck.

by gerryb 06 Oct 2009

After having to replace irons often, and not having enough to invest in an iron like the Rowenta, I got an iron at Walgreens, the drug store, and sent off the rebate making it cost me about $10! It's working fine, has a retractable cord, steam, etc. and I don't have a ton of money in it! Of course, I don't do much ironing except when I sew! The brand is least that's what it says on the iron!

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mandor64 by mandor64 07 Oct 2009

Thanks you. Unfortunately I have to iron a lot of shirts and pants. The iron really needs to be cheap but reliable at the same time. Mary

by lbrow 06 Oct 2009

I think the Rowenta is one of the best on the market these days *

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mandor64 by mandor64 07 Oct 2009

Thank you. Will look if the Rowenta is available in Australia. Mary

by sewmom 06 Oct 2009

I have a Rowenta (personal home iron)that is working very well. For the last 5 to 10 years I seem to have to replace my iron every couple of years. They just don't make them like they used to. So get it on sale! Use a Joanne's 40% coupon.
Are you talking about a regular iron or a commercial steam system?

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mandor64 by mandor64 07 Oct 2009

Thank you. You are right. Unfortunately even the manufacturers admit they build things not to last more than one or two years! Mary

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by bevintex 06 Oct 2009

I do have a walmart elcheapo iron I do use for crafts.But otherwise dont iron much. Sorry I am not much help.

mandor64 by mandor64 07 Oct 2009

Thanks. Your walmart, if I am not mistaken, is our Kmart. You would be amazed at how good the quality of their products can be! Mary

camylow by camylow 07 Oct 2009

we have kmart and walmart here.....

by daisy530 06 Oct 2009

Boy Mary! Do you suppose if I bought an iron that cost that much, I would love ironing too? :) I have a Rowenta, and it's OK, but I don't LOVE it!

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mandor64 by mandor64 07 Oct 2009

Hi daisy, maybe you would love it too ... ha.. I do only our personal ironing. We are only 4, but gees... it can really get out of hand with the volume of work!! Lucky that once I get going, I get it done... he..