by waterlily 04 Oct 2009

Question reguarding bobbins...I have always used the plastic bobbins, but I have found a pretty good deal on prewound Paper sided bobbins. Has anyone tried using these? Do you have any issues?


by 1ladyb 04 Oct 2009

Iuse them with no problems. I have a PR600 and a Brother Ellageo and they take them fine. I feel better about not having to toss the plastic. I reuse the plastic for FSL but still have a lot of empty ones. I buy whatever I can get a good deal on.

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waterlily by waterlily 04 Oct 2009

Thanks so much for responding! I hate tossing all those plastic ones, too. I save SOME, but there are still a lot that I toss.

by jrob Moderator 04 Oct 2009

All I ever (just about) use.;) I use Madeira prewound size L and get them from You can get white or black. I only wind bobbins if what I'm doing calls for the back to look pretty, too.

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waterlily by waterlily 04 Oct 2009

Thanks! I will check them out.

by dollygk 04 Oct 2009

Hi and yes I am using the sideless bobbins and they work well but you need something to put on them when they get very low, my machine comes with a thingy to hold this type into place.

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waterlily by waterlily 04 Oct 2009

hmmmm...I'd better check and see if my machine has something like that.

by shirlener88 04 Oct 2009

Colleen, you have to be careful and make sure that they fit your machine - otherwise you could have some issues. Ask your dealer what they think of them - more than likely - they will let you in on the issues for your machine. I have so many bobbins made for my machine - that I have them loaded in the color that I want - all the time - with about ten/twenty of the bobbin thread, too.

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waterlily by waterlily 04 Oct 2009

Well, I still have a good amount of the plastic empties that I fill for FSL purposed. It just gets to be a nuisance filling bobbins. LOL!

by maryjo 04 Oct 2009

I use paper sided bobbins all the time. I have the Pfaff 2170 and I have to pull off the sides in order for the bobbin sensor to work but they work great. The only time I wind and use plastic is when doing colored FSL because I need the bobbin to match the top thread. There are actually sideless bobbins available and I have used them also when I find a really good deal on them.

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waterlily by waterlily 04 Oct 2009

I think I'm going to give them a try. I will have to remember tyhat I may need to pull the sides off if necessary.

by sukiray 04 Oct 2009

The paper sided bobbins work very well for me. Never had a problem. Just make sure they fit your machine. I use the "L" model. They also have the "M" I believe. They are wider.
Sometimes they will send you a sample to try, otherwise you shouldn't have any problems.
Happy Stitching!!!

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waterlily by waterlily 04 Oct 2009

Thank You SO Much! I'm so glad to hear this, because The paper sided bobbins are generally less expensive and I only end up tossing most of the empty plastic ones.

by gerryvb 04 Oct 2009

never used them, I think you must be sure they must fit in your machine.but if they are a good deal I think it's easy if you embroidering, you can just pick a new bobbin.*4u

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waterlily by waterlily 04 Oct 2009

Thanks for responding. From what I read, they will fit my machine. I'd like to think that they wouldn;t sell them if there was a chance of them unraveling and making a mess of the machine. BUT...What I would like to think is a far cry from reality! LOL!