by sambsranch 04 Oct 2009

Here we go again... After all the test and an MRI Dr.'s found out hubby has 2! count them 1, 2 compressed nerves in his lower back that are giving him sooo much pain! the pain is so bad he can't walk, sit or lay down... The Dr's have him on a meds that is for controling seizures "Lurica" It also works wonderfully on nerve pain... It mask most of the pain but wont let him walk very far, about 20 feet at the most before the burn starts in his leg... The burning feeling is another pain he feels... One of the side effects to this drug is being paranoid, its really playing on his mind... He dough's everything, worries alot... He can't drive while on this med, but that's ok, as I can drive him anywhere he needs to go "Dr's appt's, test, surgeries, ect..."

He goes in for his back surgery this coming friday, it couldn't be any sooner... But at least he is soon to be out of this horrible pain he has been living with for so long... Its enough to drive a person to want to kill them self, its so bad... Times I wanted to crawl in a corner and cry for him, I felt so bad for him... Wishing I could take all away for him... We thank the Lord it will soon be over!
Hope to see u all again soon...
Sam :)


by gerryvb 07 Oct 2009

hugs and prayers for you and your hubby

by camylow 07 Oct 2009

I am praying for healing hands to touch your hubby...May the LORD look down and bestow his wonderful grace upon your ffamily....deanna

by ruthie 07 Oct 2009

Sam, you and your hubby are in my thoughts and prayers continually. Love and hugs to you sweetie.

by jacquipaul 06 Oct 2009

Dearest Sam,
Cannot imagine what you are enduring; my prayers and thoughts are with you, your husband, family and the surgical and medical teams. I will pray that the recovery is swift and that the pain is managed without the side effects he is now experiencing.

by shirlener88 05 Oct 2009

Sam, my dear - we will keep you in our prayers - especially the hands of the surgeon on Friday - keep us updated.

by caydebug 04 Oct 2009

Sam, Prayers being said for both of you...Hope all goes well. Libbie

by ksgram1 04 Oct 2009

Both of you continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs****

by marymilf41 04 Oct 2009

sam i want to let you know that the pain will be gone soon for him as i have had two back surgies now and the secound one they put in two metal rods and pins and took out two of my disks and put in doner disks i have limited movement but not as bad of pain i go two hours from my home every january and june and then i go for my hips every march and august to help with the pain and that helps me so that i do not need to take pain pills all the time as long as i dont do any lifting or get to crazy i do well weather has a big affect on my bones but i get by they tell me that i have degenerative disk disease and if i be good to my body my back may last another 10 years or if i am hard on my back i will be back in for bigger rods sooner i look at it this way i am still walking may fall down a bit but still walking and little pain as long as i keep getting my shots so hang in there with him as the one thing that kept me from going crazy was that no matter the out come my husband stood by my side helping and that more then any thing elso got me through i know come soon that i may end up in a wheelchair but till then i live my life to the fullest that i can with out hurting my back may god be with you to hold you up so that you can be there for him as he will need you in the coming days stay strong and dont give up i will say a prayer for both of you that the out come will be a speedy recovery with out pain may god bless both of you mary

by marietta 04 Oct 2009

I feel so badly for all of you. My husband also had a back operation, and now he has much less pain, and can do all the little things he likes to do.
I will be praying for you, and God bless for being such a good and loving wife.
Hugs and God bless.

by jrob Moderator 04 Oct 2009

As someone who experiences debilitating back pain at times, I can certainly relate and I'll be praying fervently for the two of you and his surgeons and nursing staff. I've heard of lots of folks who come off the table pain free.;)

by crafter2243 Moderator 04 Oct 2009

I pray that everything goes well on Friday. We feel so aweful when one of our loved ones suffer. I can't even imagine what he is going through. Keep us posted and don't forget to take of yourself as well during that time.

by marjialexa Moderator 04 Oct 2009

Sam, it's so hard to see those we love in pain! I think it's easier to be in pain ourselves, truly. At least these days surgery for back pain is more advanced, and I do hope he will finally see an end to his misery and you can have your 'real' husband back. Some of that medication is terrible with side effects. Big hugs, you'll be in my prayers, Marji

by designgirl 04 Oct 2009

You and your husband will be in my prayers.

by manami 04 Oct 2009

Dear Sam, you and your husband will be in my thoughts and prayers. Love,Yoriko

by sandynavas 04 Oct 2009

We pray for his quick and successful healing.

by edithfarminer 04 Oct 2009

Hi Sam, thank goodness he is having surgery soon.
I do know what it is all about, as my husband had it approx 37 years ago and would faint from the pain, was wrongly diagnosed, told he made it all up etc.
Nowadays surgery is sooooooo much advanced too, so have faith. will pray that all will go well and you will both be able to enjoy life to the full again. Hugs Edith