by migs 03 Oct 2009

I'm making this as a gift. I bought one in Belgium over 2 years ago & use it all the time for my white stuff. So handy. This is the front of the bag, just in the process of making the button holes for the cord. I'm using 2 of my cotton T-towels that I'm always embroidering on. Right size & width, they're great for size. I'm not sure how well this will show up. the word Laundry is at the top of the design in a very soft pastel verigated thread.


by michelej 04 Oct 2009

Looks great!!

by 10tje 04 Oct 2009

Very nice, where the pattern come from!!*

by stickmuster 04 Oct 2009

lovely design ***

by designgirl 04 Oct 2009

Great laundry bag.

by marymilf41 04 Oct 2009

i like it well done mary

by iris2006 04 Oct 2009

Nice Laundry bag, looks very good with the well choosen designs on it.

by castelyn 04 Oct 2009

Marg, this is lovely, well done, *4u

by shirlener88 03 Oct 2009

How adorable - this is cute Marg. *4U