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Letter E

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Size (in): 2.13"(w) x 2.17"(h)
Size (mm): 54 x 55
Stitches: 5900
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e happywinterfont
elvira by elvira 3d ago


Andrei by Andrei 3d ago

Большое спасибо!!!

Cruelabel by Cruelabel 3d ago

muchas gracias

1penny by 1penny 3d ago

Thank you

EBD108 by EBD108 3d ago

Thank you!

RustyJ by RustyJ 3d ago

Thank you!!

mindy1 by mindy1 3d ago

thank you

MariaVallejo by MariaVallejo 3d ago


cj2sew by cj2sew 3d ago

thank you

noune76 by noune76 3d ago

Please vote for C . I don't see it ! Tanks

AgnesMcN by AgnesMcN 3d ago

thank you

Klaziena by Klaziena 3d ago


perraut by perraut 3d ago


maca6o by maca6o 4d ago

dank je wel

maca6o by maca6o 4d ago

dank je wel

Lakeshore57 by Lakeshore57 4d ago

Thank You

kokkieventer by kokkieventer 4d ago

Thank you.

antonella11trevisanato by antonella11trevisanato 4d ago


baboum2011 by baboum2011 4d ago


markus by markus 4d ago

Thank you

rheinhildesimons by rheinhildesimons 4d ago

Hartelijk dank

sonjapotgieter by sonjapotgieter 4d ago

Stunning!!!!Thank you so very much!!!

posey by posey 4d ago

thank you

Atisor by Atisor 4d ago

Merci beaucoup !!!

linwood by linwood 4d ago

thank you , have a nice weekend

mad14kt by mad14kt 4d ago


HOKIS by HOKIS 4d ago


Andrei by Andrei 4d ago


mv65 by mv65 4d ago

Thank you

cutepaws by cutepaws 4d ago

Thank you.

paquerette by paquerette 4d ago


genin by genin 4d ago

Thank you

Pircy by Pircy 18 Jun 2018

Thank you very much for this lovely design

ndell by ndell 09 Nov 2009

I really need the E of the snowman alphabet. I missed it the first time around. I really like these

millieallen by millieallen 06 Oct 2009


lynlaing by lynlaing 06 Oct 2009

Thank you

de105 by de105 06 Oct 2009

Thank You for a great letter E.

giddygoat by giddygoat 06 Oct 2009

Thank you

sharongee by sharongee 05 Oct 2009

Thanks for the really cute alpha!

stork by stork 05 Oct 2009

Everyone is Excited about this Excellent E!
Thank you

joce by joce 05 Oct 2009

Thank-you! :-)

crazystitcher by crazystitcher 05 Oct 2009

Thank-you - this is a great alphabet for brightening dreary days!

gramsbear by gramsbear 05 Oct 2009

Thanxx for the E, it is Exceptionall!

tinfriend by tinfriend 05 Oct 2009

Thank you!

tolgamum by tolgamum 05 Oct 2009

Excellent E, thank you very much.

gg2009 by gg2009 05 Oct 2009

Thanks so much for the E.

highlandermom by highlandermom 05 Oct 2009

Thank you I like the added scarf they all are cute.

lyn4 by lyn4 05 Oct 2009


chalkdust100 by chalkdust100 05 Oct 2009

Thank you.

melita by melita 05 Oct 2009

Thanks very cute.

grandmamek by grandmamek 05 Oct 2009

thank you

sandralochran by sandralochran 05 Oct 2009

thank you

karink by karink 05 Oct 2009


gerryvb by gerryvb 05 Oct 2009

thank you for this cute E

melok by melok 05 Oct 2009

Thank you

bouchra by bouchra 05 Oct 2009

Bonsoir merci beaucoup !!! Puis-je abuser il me manque la lettre B si quelqu'un pouvais me la faire parvenir voici mon mail : [ Please not share your email ]

sonjapotgieter by sonjapotgieter 05 Oct 2009

Cutetie...Thank You!!!

baulitoconsentido by baulitoconsentido 05 Oct 2009


robinbird by robinbird 05 Oct 2009

What a extraordinarly, wintery E. Thank you.

janelle by janelle 05 Oct 2009


maeeast by maeeast 05 Oct 2009


ildiko by ildiko 05 Oct 2009

thanks :)

mumra by mumra 05 Oct 2009

Thank you so much. This is going on my sweatshirt

a1lotte by a1lotte 05 Oct 2009

thank you

grammalou by grammalou 05 Oct 2009

This alphabet is so cute, thank you so much.

lenamae by lenamae 05 Oct 2009

I love this set og alphabets they are so cute.

ethelmooney by ethelmooney 01 Oct 2009

Very cute cute. I love it

E mooney

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