by damaris 29 Sep 2009

Does anyone know why there hasn't been a new doorway design from Vermillion since May? thanks


by colonies1 30 Sep 2009

I read somewhere the owner was sick I do believe. Said it would be sometime before anything new was up.

by jacquipaul 30 Sep 2009

See we received an answer; love those doorways! Maybe I should sew them all out for Christmas gifts!

by mariahail 29 Sep 2009

somebody told me that the owner was very sick.***

by karenjay 29 Sep 2009

I read somewhere that they are having personal 'issues' or the like - they hope to continue at some stage but this could take quite a while - as in months. I would not expect anything until at least next year.

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damaris by damaris 29 Sep 2009